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Examining the impact of COVID-19

By Jackson Hand May 20, 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many of us live our lives every day.

Within a matter of weeks, millions are now working from home with all but essential travel and activities prohibited.

Helping you through unprecedented times 

In recent weeks, many of us have had to adjust the way we live our lives. Millions are now working from home with all but essential travel and activities prohibited.

Naturally, this is also changing the way businesses operate, particularly for those organisations that offer client-facing services, or services which cannot be carried out remotely.

Fleet-reliant businesses face considerable challenges in these unprecedented times. With citizens advised to remain indoors where possible, many businesses ordered to close, and disruption to the supply chain across the world, maintaining business as usual is simply not possible for many.

Promoting the safety of your workforce 

While the situation may be very difficult to predict, there are steps you can take to help keep your business as best prepared as possible, come what may. Your staff members are no doubt front and centre of mind and protecting them during this challenging time will be a top priority.

You can help by making everyone in your organisation aware of what’s expected of them and how the business can support them in the coming weeks or months. If remote working is possible, be sure to equip all team members with the tools they need to carry out their daily duties.

Where possible, switch face to face visits with phone calls or online consultations. If, however, staff are required to make site visits, issuing personal protective equipment where possible or necessary, and putting new policies in place to encourage the limiting of contact can help to reduce their risks and keep your business moving. In all cases, the latest government advice can help guide businesses on how to continue to operate and to do so safely. You can find more information here.

We're here to help

We understand that the impact of COVID-19 will be different for each business. Whatever your situation, Verizon Connect is here to help.

Our suite of applications can support you with keeping your people and assets safe and secure, and help you gain greater visibility of your operation – whether you’re working from home or in the office.

Throughout this challenging period, we’re continuously liaising with our staff, partners and customers to continue to provide you with the high level of service that you’ve come to expect.

We’ve taken several steps to enable us to support you during this time.

  • We are fully staffed at regular levels. and have enabled our teams to work from home while maintaining normal levels of support and accessibility to our teams.
  • We are committed to keeping our systems and platforms up and running and have implemented emergency operations to care for our customers.
  • We will continue to work closely with our customers and suppliers to support critical business operations.

Hopefully, the current situation is temporary. However, we’re on hand to help you adjust to your new normal, however long it may last.

Jackson Hand

An industry specialist and regular contributor, dedicated to help businesses of all sizes save money and overcome challenges associated with managing fleets.

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