Improve Fleet Efficiency on a Government Budget


Managing a fleet of cars, trucks, or buses presents a unique set of challenges. Fuel costs, routing, maintenance, driver safety, and vehicle usage are among the many concerns that keep fleet managers up at night.

But for government fleet managers, one hurdle leads to more headaches than any other budget. It'۪s one of the biggest factors that must be taken into account before a decision can be made. The question for local, state and federal government fleet managers alike is, How can I Improve fleet efficiency despite a shrinking budget?

For the City of Napa, the answer was simple: implement the right GPS fleet management system.

With the right GPS fleet management system, the City of Napa was able to make informed decisions about its fleet, helping reduce costs, proactively addressing maintenance issues and boosting driver accountability saving the city a great deal of money.

Control Fuel Costs

Fuel costs can quickly eat away at your government fleet budget. You can cut down on fuel usage with a GPS fleet management system that allows you to locate your vehicles so you can send your closest driver to a project. In addition, the right GPS fleet management system should also enable you to identify wasteful driving behaviors such as:

  • Speeding
  • Excessive idle time
  • Unauthorized vehicle use

Proactive Maintenance

Unexpected breakdowns can blow a hole through your budget. Stay on top of preventive maintenance with a GPS fleet management system that helps you keep your vehicles out of service bays and in the field where they can service your customers. The right GPS fleet management system should also help you:

Control repair costs by identifying small maintenance problems before they become big ones

Reduce breakdowns by sending you reminders via text or email when vehicles are due for tire rotations, tune-ups, or other preventive maintenance

Eliminate mechanic guesswork by providing you with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that pinpoint specific maintenance issues

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Safeguard Your Drivers and Budget

Improving driver safety starts with increasing driver accountability. When drivers know that they will be held accountable for their actions, they often make more responsible decisions behind the wheel helping you control costs and maintain the integrity of your agency or department. Here are some ways the right GPS fleet management system can help you improve driver safety while protecting your budget:

Confirm your vehicles are where you expect them to be so you know when drivers are in the field

Reduce risky driving behaviors such as hard braking and speeding with robust reports that help you identify safety concerns and receive alerts when limits you'۪ve set have been exceeded

Send drivers the help they need in the event of an unexpected breakdown with Roadside Assistance included at no additional cost

Why the City of Napa Chose Verizon Networkfleet

When the City of Napa decided to select a GPS fleet management system to help monitor its fleet operations, there were plenty of options to choose from. However, Verizon Networkfleet offered an all-in-one solution that enabled the City of Napa to:

Access up-to-date fleet data on demand

Analyze diagnostic trouble codes alerts that help proactively address maintenance issues

Confirm the location of vehicles, allowing the police force to send help to officers in the event of an emergency where they are unable to call for help

As a result of implementing Networkfleet, the City of Napa was able to see a return on investment that far exceeded its expectations, including cost savings and improvement in fleet efficiency across the board. Networkfleet can help your government department or agency better service your customers while maintaining your budget. Request more info or call 866.869.1353 now to discuss why Verizon Networkfleet is right for your business.

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