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GPS Tracking Locates Stolen Vehicle

It shows that it’s worthwhile getting Verizon Connect for your company vehicles.
Leeuwin Civil

Leeuwin Civil, a Busselton based civil and construction company, have been in business for over 10 years. Leeuwin Civil have a strong reputation as a respected, high quality provider of civil construction projects from bulk earthworks to road and intersection works, subdivisions to underground infrastructure.

Leeuwin Civil had issues with monitoring time on site, personal use of company vehicles and inefficient routes between jobs. They implemented Verizon Connect Reveal, a GPS Tracking solution, to monitor and improve these aspects of their business.

Recently, Leeuwin Civil used the system to quickly recover a stolen company vehicle.

One morning, one of their employees noticed his company ute had been stolen and contacted the police immediately.

Leeuwin Civil set the police up as a user on Verizon Connect Reveal, giving them access to the live map which provided full visibility of Leeuwin Civil’s vehicle.

Using the live map, the police were able to instantly locate the stolen ute and subsequently dispatch officers to the site.

Later that day, police officers retrieved and returned the stolen ute to Leeuwin Civil.

As a result of their fast action, the loss of productivity was reduced from potential weeks to only hours.

The speedy recovery also helped Leeuwin Civil avoid a large insurance claim. Additionally, their insurance premiums are being reviewed since they have Verizon Connect’s GPS tracking solution installed in their company vehicles.

“It shows that it’s worthwhile getting Verizon Connect for your company vehicles” – Leeuwin Civil

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