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The Better Provider: Improved Safety and Time Sheet Verification With Verizon Connect Reveal

We noticed the benefits straight away with Verizon Connect Reveal.
Wayne Leppien
Training and Compliance Manager

NQ Cranes has been at the forefront of the Australian overhead crane industry for over 25 years. Their services include crane and hoist supply, crane design, crane manufacture, crane servicing, crane maintenance and crane compliance inspections. With eight locations around Australia and over 40 company vehicles, NQ Cranes needed GPS vehicle tracking to keep track of their entire fleet and help improve employee safety.

“We looked into tracking for safety. We have a lot of drivers who drive long distances and we had no way of knowing where they were and if they were safe,” said Wayne Leppien, Training and Compliance Manager.

The Competitor Comparison

Prior to Reveal NQ Cranes had a vehicle tracking system in place with a different provider, but it lacked driver-focused data. 

 “Before Reveal we had a couple of instances where we’d get complaints saying ‘this driver cut me off,’, ‘he was speeding’ and we couldn’t prove who the driver was. All we could nail it down to was the vehicle.”

Now with Reveal, NQ Cranes are able to see vehicle activity by driver.

“Reveal is better of course! The other provider didn’t have the driver ID system that Reveal has. We can now tell who’s driving what vehicle.”

Vehicle Activity Alerts Help Curb Unsafe Driving Behaviours

The management team at NQ Cranes has seen a reduction in speeding since implanting real-time alerts and notifications with Reveal.

“When we first got the vehicle management system, we were getting lots of notifications for speeding. Now, we’ve had very little issues at all with guys speeding or doing the wrong thing. Our drivers have improved and it is reflected in their safety score. It’s great to look at Reveal to see what the trends are.”

Only Paying for hours worked: Saving Business Time and Money

Now with Reveal NQ Cranes verifies employee time sheets for accuracy and helps ensure they are only paying for hours worked.

“Time sheets have to be in by 9am the next day. What happens then, is the area manager can log into Reveal, and go ‘ok his start time according to his time sheet is spot on, he started at 6am, but hey, he finished at 5pm according to his time sheet, but in actual fact, he was home at 4pm.’ So we can now ring him and say ‘why did you put it till 5pm,’ and he might say ‘oh I didn’t have lunch,’ So yeah we can ask why it’s different to Reveal, and that’s huge for a business - saving on lost time, production and money.”

NQ Cranes Noticed the Benefits of Reveal Straight Away

As soon as NQ Cranes implemented Reveal, it was obvious that the benefits were far better than the previous vehicle tracking provider. Now NQ Cranes can monitor both the vehicle and the employee, can increase safety by curbing bad driving behaviours like speeding and verify employee time sheets.

“We noticed the benefits straight away with Reveal,” said Wayne Leppien, Training and Compliance Manager, NQ Cranes.

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