Peter Cosgrave, Managing Director

Grange Builders Providers increased turnover by more than €500,000 per year with Verizon Connect

Reduced Fuel Costs

Grange Builders Providers is the leading supplier to the building trade in north County Dublin and beyond. Its fleet of trucks and vans do nationwide deliveries providing a same day service not matched by many. From a standing start in August 2003, Peter Cosgrave has built an impressive business based around value for money and quality service with attention to detail. Grange Builders Providers employ over 60 people and operate a fleet of 31 trucks and vans.

The Challenges

As the business grew, it became harder to manage, and the fact Grange offer a same day delivery it was imperative that vehicle use was optimised and arrival times were accurate. Fuel costs were high and overtime was a concern.

The Benefits

Having all the vehicles displayed in near real-time on a screen with fleet tracking Live Fleet at the dispatch counter has helped increase productivity and reaction times. Loads can be made ready for instant pick up as they can see when the vehicles are returning to the yard. The idling alert has helped reduce fuel costs and now that the turnaround time is faster, overtime has been reduced. Communication costs are also down.

The Savings

“We are getting vehicles back to the yard quicker, which means we are making more deliveries. It’s an excellent customer service tool as we can advise delivery times accurately. We have increased turnover by more than €500,000 per year and have been using the system for six years.”
- Peter Cosgrave, Managing Director


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