Sean Moroney, Managing Director

Call A Wash

Increased Productivity

Call A Wash provides mobile full car valeting service throughout Dublin, Wicklow, Meath, and Kildare. Valeting services include such amenities as tar removal, tyre polish, colour restorative wax, and shampooed upholstery and carpet. As specialists in the removal of cement and paint overspray, they offer professional, quality service to all their clients.

The Challenges

Call A Wash was looking to improve payroll efficiencies through streamlining their processes. They wanted to reduce the time and money associated with motor patrols to monitor staff productivity. Improving safety and productivity were also very important.

The Benefits

Call A Wash has seen immense savings in payroll costs since installing Verizon Connect fleet tracking as their payroll is now 100% accurate. They have also greatly decreased costs associated with motor patrols as their productivity has improved significantly. They are now able to monitor crew progress live online which has reduced phone calls made to drivers’ mobile phones. Safety and customer service have also seen fantastic improvements.

The Savings

“Now that the Verizon Connect gps tracking system is in place, I cannot ever imagine running Call A Wash without it. We have saved over €10,000 just in payroll costs alone in our first year.”
- Sean Moroney, Managing Director


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