Phelim Turley, Transport Manager

Colkar Transport achieves cost-cutting goals with Verizon Connect GPS vehicle tracking

Unfortunately, the economic recession caused many businesses to close their doors and the demand for transport services diminished. This forced haulage companies to lower rates in order to compete for ever diminishing business.

Colkar Transport realised that remaining competitive while offering the same high-quality haulage services meant they needed to drastically reduce costs. To achieve their goal, Colkar installed the Verizon Connect GPS vehicle tracking solution in their 11 fleet vehicles. “We were facing extremely high fuel costs and too much overtime and we needed to decrease those immediately,” said Phelim Turley, Transport Manager of Colkar Transport. “We looked at several GPS companies for help but Verizon Connect proved to be the best.”

With the Verizon Connect GPS vehicle tracking solution installed, Colkar achieved their goals – and more. Colkar was particularly impressed with the Live Fleet and Route Replay features. These two powerful tools allow Colkar to ensure drivers are using the most direct routes to job sites. With efficient routing, fuel consumption is lowered and drivers can make more deliveries in a shorter period of time.

“Once we started using Verizon Connect, we noticed a significant reduction in fuel costs,” said Mr. Turley. “And we have no more problems with payroll and overtime. Those days are long gone because with the efficiencies our drivers can get all their work done in a standard work day.”

While controlling fuel costs and overtime drove Colkar to install Verizon Connect GPS, the company soon realised a number of benefits that they did not expect:

  • Idling Reports helped reduce idle times, further decreasing fuel consumption
  • Improved customer service through faster deliveries and verifiable delivery times
  • Eliminated backlogs by using point of interest alerts to identify customers that require longer deliveries
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  • Free mapping and software upgrades provided enhanced performance and features
  • Reduced speeding violations with the red flag alerts
  • Lowered vehicle mileage for less wear and tear on vehicles

Verizon Connect GPS has essentially put Mr. Turley in the passenger seat of every one of Colkar Transport’s vehicles. With this kind of presence, Colkar Transport has maintained viability while competitors fall to the tough economy. “We’ve been Verizon Connect customers for nearly three years and we really appreciate how they develop the software, each new feature is like one of those things that you don’t realise you need until you have it. But once we’ve experienced it, we’d miss it dearly.”

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