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Sydney Scaffolding Leader Narrowly Avoids $10,000 Theft

“Verizon Connect is invaluable. As far as I’m concerned, it ticks all the boxes for me.”
Mike Haslam

Based in Sydney, Nexus Access is a leader in the scaffolding industry. The Director, Mike Haslam, originally implemented GPS tracking through Verizon Connect to help improve visibility of the team, increase efficiency between jobs, and reduce long breaks and time-sheet issues.

Since implementing GPS tracking they have saved on costs. Nexus Access is seeing many benefits including an increase to efficiency and reducing the chance of theft.

GPS Tracking Saves Them Thousands

Theft is a common concern for many businesses that have expensive equipment on site. Since implementing VZC Reveal, Nexus Access now has full visibility of high value assets to help eliminate theft.

On one weekend, when there weren’t any jobs scheduled, Mike was alerted to suspicious behaviour that occurred at the depot, where the company’s equipment is held. Mike identified that one of their company vehicles had strangely stopped at the depot before driving to a scrap metal yard.

Uncertain about the event, Mike immediately travelled to the scrap metal yard to investigate. At the yard he found a couple of employees selling $8,000-$10,000 worth of company equipment, which they had stolen from the depot. Fortunately, with the help of Verizon Connect’s GPS tracking system, Mike was able to immediately recover the assets and stop the employees from selling the stolen equipment.

Catching these attempts has saved Nexus Access a fortune in equipment. It also helps them avoid dealing with untrustworthy employees for too long.

Visibility Saves Time And Improves Efficiency

Nexus Access implemented Verizon Connect Reveal to see their team's location in near real time. Seeing when a driver is returning to the depot for their next delivery helps Mike and the team prepare the next load. This saves them the time and effort of having to call everyone to see where they are.

“You can see where everyone is positioned and who’s going where without ringing them all the time.” - Mike Haslam, Director

Time-Sheet Dramas & Personal Use Problems Are A Thing Of The Past

Mike also loves the benefit of knowing how long guys are at a certain location, whether that’s a job site or a lunch spot. Nexus Access uses Verizon Connect Reveal to help manage their time-sheets. Now they can verify that they’re only paying for time spent on site and not for extra breaks throughout the day. 

“You can see when a truck stops somewhere for an hour and a half during the day, and you know if it’s a job or if they’ve had a long lunch.” - Mike Haslam, Director

This visibility helps make sure the company cars are only being used for business reasons. With Verizon Connect Reveal, Nexus Access can tell when employees are taking advantage of the company vehicles outside of work hours and put an end to excessive personal use.

A Crucial Tool For Any Fleet Business

Nexus Access is overjoyed by the benefits of Verizon Connect. It helps keep their team productive and honest, and also helps keep their vehicles and equipment safe from misuse and theft. They’ve also seen an increase in their day-to-day efficiency ever since. However the biggest benefit is that Verizon Connect has saved Nexus Access thousands of dollars already.  

“Verizon Connect is invaluable. As far as I’m concerned, it ticks all the boxes for me.” - Mike Haslam, Director

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