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Rural Traffic Benefit from GPS Vehicle Tracking

We have saved between $200 - $300 dollars a month on fuel savings, it could even be more than that
Bruce Turton

Established in 2010, Rural Traffic Services is a provider of Traffic Management Services and has strategically established itself in the Rural Wheatbelt to specifically service the needs of customers in rural Western Australia.

Bruce Turton, Owner of Rural Traffic Services decided to implement GPS vehicle tracking to help improve driver behaviour, reduce fuel costs and increase driver safety in rural Western Australia.

After installing Verizon Connect REVEAL, Rural Traffic Services finally had access to near real-time vehicle tracking data helping to improve productivity across their fleet of 31 vehicles.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Improves Driver Behaviour Across Fleet

Since implementing Verizon Connect REVEAL, Rural Traffic Services have been able to help curb poor driving behaviours by setting up near real-time notifications.

 “I believe we have seen a saving in fuel of 3-5% and that’s just from watching driver behaviour,” explains Bruce Turton.

Rural Traffic Services can pull reports and even replay routes of their entire fleet on Verizon Connect REVEAL using their fleet management software to understand the driver behaviour of each vehicle.

“We’ve been quite shocked at the reports we’ve seen and we’ve gone back to those drivers and now our reports reflect that their driving behaviour has changed,” explains Bruce Turton.

Now with the help of Verizon Connect REVEAL, Rural Traffic Services have access to near real-time vehicle tracking data to help manage driver behaviour and maintenance!

“Monitoring driver behaviour has expanded to less wear and tear on the vehicles and it’s also helped streamline maintenance as well,” explains Bruce Turton.

Accurate Data Helps Reduce Fuel Costs 

Bruce can now monitor and ultimately reduce fuel wasting behaviour with accurate data. After implementing the Verizon Connect platform, Rural Traffic Services estimates it has reduced its fuel bills by 3-5% across their fleet.

“We have saved between $200 - $300 dollars a month on fuel savings, it could even be more than that,“ explains Bruce Turton.

The significant saving, encouraged the company to implement a GPS vehicle tracking policy:  

“We’ve absolutely seen fuel savings from Verizon Connect and we’ve now introduced a GPS vehicle tracking policy so that they know why we do it and the consequences of not obeying those rules, including the potential for someone to lose their job over it,” explains Bruce Turton.

Live Map Feature Help Improve Driver Safety

For Rural Traffic Services, safety was a key motivator in implementing a GPS vehicle tracking system. Verizon Connects REVEAL’s live map feature allows Bruce to see his entire fleet in near real time should the drivers need help locating a site or Bruce just wants peace of mind over his fleet.

 “At night time, when they guys are working late, I can see that they get home safe and they’re not sitting on the side of the road, I can see everyone is back to their accommodation safely,” explains Bruce Turton.

Now with near real-time visibility of their fleet, Bruce has peace of mind and confidence in his fleets safer driving behavior.

“I use the live map all the time, I use it on the desktop and laptop, so while I am away I can see them– it has given me peace of mind,” explains Bruce Turton.

Since Verizon Connect REVEAL, Rural Traffic Services believe it can better manage its entire fleet.

“It’s worked, and we certainly couldn’t do it without Verizon Connect, now we can prove, measure and track our fleet, so from that perspective it’s been brilliant,” explains Bruce Turton.

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