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Keith Dyer Plumbing Pulls the Curtain on Late Work Nights

We should have done this 5 years ago, it just becomes easier to manage the job. I recommended Verizon Connect to family they have started using it too.
Sarah Nutley

Labour Intensive Work Called For A More Streamlined Process

Keith Dyer Plumbing is a family owned and operated business started in 2006. Since its inception the business has grown and seen an increase in both workload and staff. Sarah Dyer, business owner, wife, and mother explains how there became a need to streamline business processes from job management through to invoicing.

According to Sarah they needed to get their family life back "We made the decision to move the office out of our home, employ office staff, and put systems and processes in place so Keith didn’t have to work until 11pm every night. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that needs to be done prior to scheduling the job including plumbing inspections with council, sending forms for approval, and the invoicing process. Before Verizon Connect everything was very labour intensive and segmented,” said Sarah.

The business was struggling to streamline processes and move quickly to the next task. “We were finishing work up to 11pm, ringing people, sending out plans etc. so they had the required information for their job next day.” said Sarah

Scheduling Staff and Jobs In Real Time Streamlines Business

Sarah knew the type of platform she needed to help their business. “I researched a lot of products and I actually tested a handful of them before selecting Verizon Connect because it’s one thing to read what something is capable of but it’s another thing to actually use it and see if it suits your requirements,” said Sarah.

Sarah came across Verizon Connect and found that its mobile platform would best suit their needs. Information is captured in one central location and invoicing became more fluid, meaning no need for late night emails and calls checking to see if field staff had their information. Verizon Connect provides the ability to schedule staff and jobs in real time, knowing when staff acknowledge and accept jobs.

Encourages Others To Use The Platform

I have recommended Verizon Connect to others to start using it while they’re small and grow into the program. We should have done this five years ago. It is so much easier to manage the jobs when you can see and change the schedule so clearly. If Verizon Connect is used properly i.e. you put quality information in, then there are so many benefits to your business and potentially your personal life.” Sarah Dyer

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