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GPS Tracking Devices to Protect You from Car Theft

By Jackson Hand December 15, 2020

Motor vehicle theft costs New Zealand  businesses millions of dollars every year. This can cause serious financial consequences for many companies if they are not prepared for the uncommon but very real risk of vehicle theft.

The negative impact of thefts poses challenges for any company, not only for the lost money of the vehicle, but also for the time the business needs to re-establish the normal operations and  and get back to  attending to customers ́ needs.

In this sense, a high quality GPS tracking and fleet management system can help protect your vehicles from theft and can help improve the chances of recovering a lost vehicle. Here are some of the ways in which a GPS fleet management solution can help protect your fleet from theft:

Car GPS trackers  to help locate your drivers and vehicles

A GPS tracker for vehicles  allow you to monitor the status of your team and provide near real time location tracking of your vehicles. Seeing near real time GPS locations of your whole fleet can help reduce the risk of theft. It can also increase the probability of recovery and help avoid the additional cost of buying new vehicles if a theft does occur.

These car anti-theft GPS trackers can either  plug in  to a vehicle’s OBD / OBDii port , or be hard-wired into a discreet location, and can monitor more than just a car’s location, including sudden accelerations, hard braking or harsh cornering, as well as provide wifi and bluetooth connectivity.

GPS tracking devices have a small form factor, and operate over 4G LTE and GSM GPRS networks to 

And if you have non-powered assets such as generators and containers, battery powered GPS devices can let you know if your equipment leaves the worksite without your knowledge via geofencing and automated alerts. Due to their small form factor and the way they operate using 4G LTE and GSM GPRS cell phone networks, GPS asset tracking devices benefit from extended battery life that allows you control over your most remote worksites.

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Anti-theft security protocol

Having a security protocol for vehicle theft is essential to help avoid large losses for the company. The live tracking capability of a GPS car tracking system is useful to any security protocol because it allows you to easily locate vehicles in case of theft and to provide information to the relevant authorities to assist with the recovery.

Mobile apps that are built for Android and iOS smartphones give your fleet managers the ability to follow up on unexpected vehicle movements and respond from anywhere and at any time - not just during business hours.

Set geofence notification alerts

A fleet management solution that uses GPS vehicle tracking allows you to set a virtual security fence or perimeter around a specific location and receive notification, in near real-time, if one of your vehicles enters or exits it. Additionally, you can check the identity of the driver and see if it’s an unauthorized trip. If anything is out of the ordinary or suspicious, you will be able to act quickly and notify the authorities.

More benefits of vehicle tracking devices 

Near real time tracking of fleet vehicles can help you improve safety and better protect your fleet. In addition to protecting your business against possible theft, it helps you save on fuel and labour costs, automate tasks and improve fleet efficiency and overall productivity of the entire business.

Learn more about how GPS tracking software and fleet management solutions can help you and your business and give you peace of mind.

Jackson Hand

An industry specialist and regular contributor, dedicated to help businesses of all sizes save money and overcome challenges associated with managing fleets.

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