Measurable results for waste management experts

Deliver better sanitation services to the customers who count on you.

Deliver better sanitation services to the customers who count on you.

Easier on everyone

Our intuitive apps require minimal effort to use and reduce paperwork

Waste management solutions from Verizon Connect can help boost your reliability, speed, safe driving habits and profitability, all through readily available apps controlled from your own devices. We design software that’s simple to learn and straightforward to use, so workers in a busy and often messy field are able to focus on the job at hand. Our data-driven solutions fit the digital world. We eliminate inefficient paperwork and make it easy to convert hard copy forms to electronic versions, so your information is always portable and instantly sharable.

Your fleet at your fingertips

Improve reliability and other aspects of customer service

Keep the promises you make to your customers with better visibility and control of your fleet. Our route optimization software produces ideal schedules for each and every vehicle, showing you the entire operation on one screen in near real time. Monitor the locations and movements of all your assets with advanced GPS fleet tracking, so you know what’s happening in the field and never miss a stop.

No time to waste

Cut downtime, of all kinds, to free resources for new routes

Help reduce the time your trucks spend between jobs with powerful navigation software from Verizon Connect. We find you the best routes, steering your vehicles away from heavy traffic and lane-slowing road work, to reduce unproductive idling and keep them on task. We guide your drivers through difficult private sites like parking lots, refuse centers and commercial depots-and our “right-side routing” feature factors in the direction a truck needs to face on arrival to carry out its duties.

Reduce your risk

Protect your workers from the heavyweight hazards of your industry

Help keep your people safer around hefty compactors and roll-on/roll-off skip bins-and on their best behavior behind the wheel of dangerous vehicles-with intelligent telematics tools from Verizon Connect. Our safe driving and asset safety features include in-cab alerts for dangerous driving events, “man down” worker panic buttons for remote assistance, and geofence location alerts to mark hazardous areas. Turn-by-turn navigation improves driving safety with real-world views, hazard alerts and up-to-the-minute community feedback on road conditions and truck-legal routes.

Check your progress

Supervise your operation from afar to ensure it flows smoothly

Monitor your team’s movements throughout the day to make sure everyone’s pulling their weight and staying on schedule. Get near real-time location and job status reporting at a glance to discover bottlenecks in your workflow and spot unproductive practices, such as out-of-route miles and unauthorized trips. When productivity is up, profitability follows.

Get a free demo

Within 15 minutes we will show you how our platform can best fit your business objectives.

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See it all

Track your entire fleet on a single screen, thanks to our flexible hardware options, exclusive OEM partnerships and AEMP compatibility.

Boost ROI

Get full insight into your vehicle and equipment usage, so you can redeploy, relocate or realize unused and underutilized assets.

Improve maintenance

Plan maintenance more precisely and avoid unnecessary servicing with automated tracking of engine hours and diagnostic data.

Plan for capacity

Monitor your fleet's payload capacities to ensure full vehicle utilization, minimize unnecessary trips and keep within legal limits.

Reduce wear

Check advanced diagnostic sensors to detect vehicle misuse, such as excessive engine loads, and extend equipment life.

Limit liability

Use accurate GPS data to verify operator locations, vehicle movements and driving behaviors to protect you from false liability claims.

Increase utilization

Track your assets to see exactly how they're being used and make informed decisions about when to buy, redeploy or sell.

Optimize service routes

Calculate the most efficient routes in moments with our heuristic algorithms and reduce your mileage by an average of up to 10%.

Proactive maintenance schedules

Track vehicle maintenance and alert your service department or local dealer ahead of time to help improve scheduling and reduce costs.

Promote safer driving habits

Encourage a culture of safety, from basic HOS compliance to proper vehicle maintenance, with automated alerts and near real-time coaching.

Access historical data

Replay routes to understand the sequence of driving events and assist with internal investigations for damage claims and accidents.

Issue alerts

Correct unsafe and inefficient behaviors with instant driver notifications. Set precise triggers for the alerts and control who receives them.

Customize forms

Build and personalize digital forms, such as DVIR and work orders, directly from your mobile device, replacing less efficient paper.

Use your device

Run our software on most popular smartphones and tablets, minimizing new hardware costs and making things easy on your workers.

Optimize truck-legal routes

Plan routes with elite navigation that includes feedback from 140,000 users and accounts for restrictions based on size, weight and load type.

Last-mile routing

Comply with customer requirements during the final stretch of your delivery with route guidance all the way to the loading dock.

Display data simply

Access vast amounts of useful information from a clear enterprise dashboard. Configure your data by industry and operational KPIs.

Monitor idling

Minimize unnecessary idling among your fleet vehicles to reduce expensive fuel costs and avoid penalties in some states.