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Fleet management tech can help boost the services industry

By Verizon Connect Team May 3, 2023

This year, 1,300 fleet managers and mobility experts professionals participated in the Verizon Connect 2023 Fleet Technology Trends Report Europe. They shared powerful insights that can help boost the services industry with the help of fleet management technologies. Discover more about these insights in our Advanced Fleet Management Technology for the Services Industry 2023 eBrief.

Let’s dive into some key insights: 

1: Your team’s safety comes first 

A safe working environment is crucial for businesses. Promoting it is essential for company owners, who are responsible for the wellbeing of their team. (1) Safe working conditions are a prerequisite for a healthy and productive workforce. (2)

The Advanced Fleet Management Technology for the Services Industry eBrief collects information from the latest Fleet Technology Trends Report for Europe which showed that fleets improved safety in all the top industries. In fact, 48% of survey respondents in the service industry who implemented a GPS fleet tracking solution saw a decrease in accidents. 

Specifically, GPS fleet tracking software can also help:

  • Support your team remotely by monitoring fleet operations on a live-map and, in case of any eventuality, be able to act quickly
  • Monitor driving behaviour and identify bad driving practices in order to teach safe driving practices
  • Boost a solid vehicle maintenance programme to ensure that your vehicles are in optimal condition so they can be used by your team

    2: A customer centric strategy is crucial 

    Customer experience is a key differentiator in a hyper competitive scenario where the service quality provided matters down to the last detail. Managing customer satisfaction based on their expectations means placing the customers at the heart of the strategy. 

    Many businesses seem to agree that satisfied customers are more likely to be loyal customers which can boost retention. And technology can help businesses to improve their customer service and boost a customer centric culture.

    According to our latest Fleet Technology Trends Report for Europe, fleets using GPS technology improved their customer service in all the top industries. In fact, 67% of survey respondents in the services industry that implemented a GPS fleet tracking solution improved customer service. 

    It’s pivotal for fleets to take a thoughtful approach and address customer experience by delivering an innovative and quality service. GPS fleet tracking software can help:

    • Send the nearest technician or driver to attend to the customer quickly
    • Provide an accurate ETA to give customers an insight and sovereignty over their booked service
    • Route optimisation and use of the live map to avoid traffic jams

    3: Raise the bar on efficiency, sustainability and productivity

    Efficiency can make a big difference for businesses as it involves making better use of resources – and technology can help as it can be directly related to sustainability and productivity, let's see how.

    Analysing daily operations, optimising routes, monitoring driving behaviour, as well as better managing your team's working time are all part of the data that should be analysed. Fleet management technology is one of the best tools to help improve these areas of business and contributes to better results.

    Among GPS users in the services industry, 79% found them “extremely” or “very beneficial” to manage their fleets. Some of the top goals achieved through GPS technology included:

    • Improved productivity (numbers of jobs, vehicle utilisation)
    • Improved routing to avoid extra kilometres and better manage your teams work time
    • Reduce the fuel spend
    • Reduced CO2 emissions

    To discover the other goals achieved by the services industry users since implementing a GPS vehicle tracking solution, download the Advanced Fleet Management Technology for the Service Industry 2023 eBrief.

    4: Cost savings can be a game changer for your business

    GPS fleet tracking helped businesses in the services industry to improve their strategic KPIs and cost savings were one of them. Greater savings lead to potentially more profitability.

    In fact, energy research shows that “just reducing fuel costs by 10% can increase profits by 31%, which can be crucial to a company’s bottom line”. (3)

    And not only fuel costs but also saving on operational costs can have a huge impact and help to: 

    • Reduce fuel costs
    • Reduce labour costs
    • Reduce accident costs
    • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs

    Fleets are using GPS vehicle tracking to build resilience, address challenges and get results. Download the Advanced Fleet Management Technology for the Services Industry 2023 eBrief and learn more about how this tech can help you and your business.


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