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76% of fleet managers in Ireland find GPS vehicle tracking “very” or “extremely” useful to managing their fleet

By Verizon Connect Team March 6, 2023

Businesses can build resilience with a great ally like GPS fleet management technology

The EU's economy faces many challenges following the recovery from the COVID pandemic. (1) That means they have to operate in a highly competitive marketplace that requires efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability in order to meet customer needs and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The good news is, they can do just that with the help of GPS fleet management technology.

Challenges fleet managers face in Ireland

Fleet managers and business owners face important decisions daily. These include planning the safest and fastest routes so they can ensure their team’s safety and reduce fuel consumption. Furthermore, they also need to make sure that customers are provided with technicians who are nearby. All these day-to-day decisions have a direct impact on a business’s bottom line.

In our latest report, the top 5 most important challenges identified by fleet managers in Ireland were fuel (66%), increased costs (57%), competitive pressure (55%), meeting customer demands and expectations (53%), and safety (49%). 

Discover the top 10 challenges identified by fleet managers in Ireland by downloading the Fleet Technology Trends Report here.  

Goals achieved by businesses since implementing GPS fleet tracking solutions

According to the  Fleet Technology Trends Report Ireland 2023, GPS fleet tracking solutions are helping businesses to address the most relevant challenges they face whilst working on each specific KPI to keep daily operations as efficient, resilient, and competitive as possible.

Here are the results achieved in Ireland according to respondents of the survey:

  • 73% improved routing
  • 71% improved customer service
  • 63% tachograph/regulatory compliance
  • 61% improved productivity (e.g., number of jobs, vehicle utilisation)
  • 56% decreased fuel consumption

 Discover all the goals achieved by Irish businesses since implementing a fleet management solution. Download the Fleet Technology Trends Report Ireland 2023.

How fleet management can help improve your business

Fleet management technologies can help streamline fleet operations by promoting safety, improving productivity, and reducing fuel cost and CO2 emissions. It can also help with efficiency in other areas of the business. 

Increase your vehicle visibility: improve your bottom line by tracking all vehicles in near real-time. This includes a detailed view of all your fleet’s operations, so you can adjust and improve in certain areas. 

Analyse your fleet’s performance: enjoy a clear and detailed overview across your entire fleet including distance travelled, idle time, vehicle activity and engine hours, so you can analyse activity and trends, and uncover any unused potential.

Promote team safety: be prepared for any eventuality and remotely accompany your team in their daily operations thanks to GPS vehicle tracking. This way, you can provide quick and efficient help and still attend to your customers’ needs.

Make compliance easy: a digital tachograph and a fleet management system can help HGV drivers manage compliance and regulatory requirements. It also gives fleet managers a detailed overview of driving hours and rest periods. The ability to remotely download tachograph data can also help to keep your HGVs and business compliant. 

Monitor driver behaviour: retain a clear overview of driver behaviour, including harsh driving, fast cornering and speeding to minimise the risk of accidents. This can help boost driver safety and ensure that your drivers are coached in the necessary way.

Discover more technology trends to advance your fleet

The Fleet Technology Trends Report Ireland 2023 addresses the most important challenges that businesses are currently facing and shows how fleet management technologies can be instrumental in managing them.

Discover how our technology can help businesses become more efficient, resilient and competitive.


Official Source European Commission: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/es/qanda_22_7082

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