Help reduce unauthorised use and aid in vehicle recovery.

When employees use fleet vehicles without authorisation or the vehicles go missing, you want an option to protect your assets. Immobilisation for Reveal can help with an electronic immobiliser device.

Protect your vehicles with Vehicle Immobilisation

Immobilisation for Reveal is a feature that can safely and remotely immobilise/ shutdown your fleet vehicle, helping with recovery and reducing instances of unathorised use. It can also ensure driver safety by immobilising the vehicle only after it’s parked.

Remote disable

Shut down a vehicle’s ignition from your desktop or the mobile app.

Activity records

Record historical activity, including the reason for action and who requested it.

Status Updates

View immobilisation request status and see when the vehicle is off and disabled.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s an immobiliser?

A car immobiliser is a device that isolates a cars’ engine ignition mechanism either mechanically or electronically, making it harder to start a vehicle without additional security like a transponder key present. The Verizon Connect Immobilisation feature allows you to remotely disable a vehicle through the Reveal fleet management platform.

How does the immobiliser work?

A relay is attached to the starter and Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU), and the VTU controls whether the starter has power or not. If a vehicle is immobilised, the VTU communicates to the ignition to not start.

What are the benefits of Immobilisation?

It allows you to manage unauthorised vehicle use by drivers and help aid in recovery should a vehicle be stolen.

Who can access or control the feature?

The feature is controlled through the Reveal GPS fleet tracking platform under the Vehicle List and is only accessible to Admin users.

Do all my vehicles need to have Immobilisation activated?

No, you can choose which vehicles have this feature activated. As it is an aftermarket device this means it is also possible to add it to older cars. Or, if your fleet is comprised of new cars that already have factory-fitted immobilisers, such as transponders and key fobs, then Immobilisation for Reveal provides an additional layer of security for your fleet vehicles.

Will the vehicle be shut down while it is in motion?

You can send the command to immobilise the vehicle while it is in motion, however, the vehicle will not be immobilised until the ignition is off.

Can I use this feature on my mobile device?

Yes, you can activate Immobilisation through the Reveal Manager app.

What hardware do I need?

You need a Cal-Amp Vehicle tracker device and our Immobilisation kit (a relay and harness) installed on the vehicle.

Do I need the Reveal platform to use this feature?

Yes, you must have the Reveal fleet tracking system in order to activate the immobilisation feature. Immobilisation, alongside your Reveal tracking system, allows you to manage your vehicle data and the immobilisation feature in the same system.

Does this feature function on all vehicle types?

This can be implemented on most vehicles except for electric or hybrid vehicles and assets, such as generators.