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Choose the GPS hardware that works for you

To get the efficiency, productivity and safer driving benefits of Verizon Connect software, you need the right hardware.

Ready to roll

Ready to roll

Get factory-installed hardware and hit the ground running. Verizon Connect software and hardware come built-in for fleet vehicles produced by a growing number of manufacturers.

  • Eliminate installation downtime
  • Receive richer diagnostic data
  • Save money with financing advantages
  • Take comfort in a factory warranty

Easy installation

Easy installation

Add functionality to existing vehicles with a quick aftermarket install. Bring all the features and benefits of Verizon Connect solutions to your current fleet vehicles with easy-to-install aftermarket hardware.

Get mobile

Work faster, smarter and better with our software on your mobile devices. Take our essential fleet and workforce apps wherever you go with mobile hardware suited to your unique situation.

Use your own devices

Save on hardware and reduce the need for training by installing Verizon Connect apps on your workers’ personal devices. Our software runs on Apple and Android operating systems, so they can remain comfortable and familiar on the smartphones they already use.

Deploy new devices

Get the full support and assistance you need to purchase and deploy new devices with Verizon Connect. We help you choose the right apps and hardware-phones and tablets-to secure your data and manage your devices.

Built to last

Built to last

Extend the lifespan of your hardware with durable accessories. Our industry partners offer a full range of hardware accessories to improve device usability, efficiency and longevity. Designed for the rigors of daily use and trusted by workforces around the world, our accessories include: screen protectors, skins, handgrips, mounts, in-cradle chargers, and casings.