Mobile apps to help move your business forward

Mobile apps to help move your business forward

Powerful tools built to help you and your crew improve fleet operations.

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Apps built to meet your needs

Our suite of easy-to-use fleet management mobile apps is designed to give you control of your operations in near real time right from a smartphone. Mobile workers can easily communicate with the office and access the job data they need to help simplify compliance and be productive.

Verizon Connect mobile apps

Reveal Field

Effectively schedule, dispatch and communicate job information to your field service technicians.

  • Send mobile field service techs notifications when schedules change
  • Quickly capture important job notes, photos and customer signatures
  • Give field technicians critical job details, including location, directions and customer information on their mobile device

Reveal Driver

Give your mobile workforce a digital solution for tracking their jobs.

  • Let your drivers assign themselves to vehicles with location assisted choices
  • Give your crew the ability to accept new work
  • Allow your team to check their individual performances against benchmarks


Easily manage vehicles, assets and mobile workforce activity while on the go.

  • View vehicles and assets on a live map
  • See vehicle activity, route history and driver locations
  • Receive alerts on driver behaviours

Our fleet management apps for business and government are available for download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.