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A safer, more secure fleet means peace of mind for everyone. Our mobile solutions help your team monitor and manage their environment. Give them the tools to monitor unsafe behaviour, reach out for help when they need it and improve asset security at the same time.

A safer, more secure fleet means peace of mind for everyone. Our mobile solutions help your team monitor and manage their environment. Give them the tools to monitor unsafe behaviour, reach out for help when they need it and improve asset security at the same time.

Safer driving – every day

Your drivers are busy people, which means sometimes the more important things can be overlooked. Our safe driving solutions with near real time GPS tracking alerts help your team to make sure fleet safety comes first – every day.

Speeding above posted limits

Minimizing speeding is more than just improving fuel economy and avoiding tickets – it’s about doing all you can to keep your drivers and the general public safe from harm. See incidents of speeding across your entire workforce or just individual drivers. Customize speeding alerts to trigger based on specific thresholds including limits on private roads or hazardous areas.

Safe driving metrics

Monitor events such as harsh driving and harsh braking, quick starts and speeding over time to easily identify trends and target poor driving behaviour within your fleet.

Rapid reminders

With in-cab real-time alerts, an audible buzzer reminds drivers when unsafe driving is detected, allowing them to correct the behaviour immediately.

Personal coaching app

Drivers will be more motivated to improve with a leaderboard scoring system that rewards your best-performing drivers.

Safer navigation

Lost or confused drivers are a danger to themselves and other road users. Provide your team with commercial-grade navigation software that complies with truck-legal routes, can minimize left turns and delivers accurate last-mile routing.

Safer work sites

Mobile workers can face a wide range of hazards while out in the field so it’s good for them to know you’ve got their back.

Emergency alerts

With the simple press of a button, back office can be alerted to a worker in trouble. ‘Man down’ options mean an alert can be triggered simply by a worker physically falling. With real-time GPS tracking and location status, you can provide first responders with the information they need to get there quickly.

Unsafe areas

Get notifications when workers enter, and exit, known danger zones. For example, some environments, such as well sites or extreme temperatures, may be unsafe for long periods of time. With geofence alerts, you can make sure workers stay within safety guidelines.

Remote services

On selected vehicles, such as GM vehicles equipped with OnStar, your support team can have access to remote services such as unlocking a vehicle, starting the engine, honk the horn or flash the lights.

Driving hour limits

Fatigue can impair a worker’s concentration making them more likely to be involved in an accident. With electronic logging devices (ELD), you can safely balance workloads and help your team stay alert behind the wheel.

Incoming weather

With satellite weather overlays, you can provide your teams out in the field with valuable advance notice of changes in the weather.

Satellite coverage

No matter how remote or rugged the work environment, satellite coverage helps you stay in touch with your team. Peace of mind means knowing that if anything goes wrong, help is close by.

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Stay safe when using dangerous equipment

Your workers are using equipment every day that has the potential to harm, or even cause death – and we’re not just talking about the vehicles they drive. Get systems in place that help keep equipment in a safe, well-maintained condition, and give you the documentation to prove it.

Verified DVIR

Our DVIR software can help verify that a thorough inspection has been completed, even mapping the walkaround path taken by the worker.

Electronic forms

Paperwork can sometimes get missed or misplaced. Recreate paper forms as digital versions that mobile workers can easily complete, including photos or signatures, and upload on the spot.

Full audit trail

With checklists, vehicle inspections, HOS and other safety-related form data synchronized and stored on secure web servers, you can easily establish your adherence to a safe workplace.

Maintenance reminders

Make sure critical maintenance doesn’t get missed with automated reminders based on vehicle mileage, engine hours or diagnostic trouble codes. Using a range of smart sensors, such as engine temperature or clogged filters, you can avoid costly repairs.

Keeping valuable assets secure

With a combination of geofencing and real-time location, you can receive instant alerts when assets are tampered with, or removed from the property. GPS fleet tracking can provide you and the authorities with the exact information you need to recover stolen equipment quickly.

Customers have reported that the recovery of just one truck more than paid for the annual subscription service for the telematics solution. That ROI grew exponentially if the truck had a trailer with an excavator or skid steer on it.

Faster response to stolen assets, and the GPS tracking data, helps fleet owners in three primary ways:

  • Minimize the downtime and stress that happens when equipment goes missing
  • Cut down on the actual replacement costs (after insurance) associated with the asset
  • Helps prevent increases in insurance premiums
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Stop unauthorized use

Your vehicles are critical to your business and when they go home with your drivers, you’d like to know they’re not being misused. But how can you be certain your drivers aren’t using them for side jobs or weekend getaways? Even if your drivers are allowed limited private use of your vehicles, make sure they aren’t abusing the privilege.

According to the National Association of Fleet Administrators, over 90% of companies have take-home fleet vehicles.

How can you feel secure when faced with the huge potential liability that can come from employees using company vehicles without your knowledge? Eliminate this potential problem by managing up to hundreds of thousands of daily driver stops.

Company liability

If an employee gets into an accident while driving one of your company’s vehicles, no matter when or where, you’re still liable.

24-hour tracking

With near real-time GPS vehicle tracking you’ll know where your trucks are 24-hours a day, helping to eliminate unauthorized vehicle use.

Landmark and historical data

Get detailed landmark history report, displaying date and time details of each stop and identifying whether the stop was authorized or not. This gives you data to pinpoint when and where driver activities occur and further reduces your exposure to liability.

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