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The Transport Exchange integration allows for supply chain visibility powered by Verizon Connect telematics location data.

Supply Chain Management
Solution type:
Required software:
Verizon Connect Reveal
Supported region:
Ireland, United Kingdom
Verizon Connect Reveal


Verizon Connect provides telematics data updates for Transport Exchange shippers, so they can work with carriers to get visibility of shipments in progress. This allows for better accuracy for freight delivery without having to constantly communicate with drivers.


  • Review current vehicle positions within the Transport Exchange map to better manage bookings for transport orders.
  • Make vehicles available to third parties to generate more business.


  • Seamless integration experience that will quickly enable you to review location data on the Transport Exchange map to track active loads.
  • Assess ETAs or delivery expectations for deliveries in progress.
  • Confirm delivery details for completed loads when a vehicle arrives at its destination.


Transport Exchange Group, established in 2000, has transformed digital freight management with the Exchange - a platform uniting logistics experts across the UK and continental Europe. Today, they are market leaders in freight exchange, powering three brands - Courier Exchange, Haulage Exchange and CX Euro - each with unique solutions for every type of logistics professional.

All brands are housed on a single platform, accessed by desktop or mobile app, and seamlessly integrated with Verizon Connect. Transport Exchange Group’s mission is to keep pioneering the way in innovative solutions for the world of digital freight.

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