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Why Verizon Connect?

By Simon Austin January 31, 2020

An increasing number of businesses are now using GPS solutions to track, monitor and manage their mobile operation.

But while some form of tracking may now be considered the norm among fleet-reliant businesses, that’s not to say each is reaping the same benefits from their solution.

A comprehensive solution should help you drive greater productivity, profitability and efficiency, make better-informed business decisions, improve the speed and accuracy of your processes, and reduce costs.  Any solution that doesn’t help in this way is simply not working hard enough for your business.

Verizon Connect’s GPS fleet management solutions can help you do all this and more. Our is not an off the shelf fleet tracking or field management product but rather a suite of apps. That’s why we’re confident that we can tick every box when it comes to helping your business work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Why choose Verizon Connect?

When you implement a Verizon Connect solution, you partner with an innovative and trusted leader in the telematics industry. Our advanced GPS fleet tracking and field management software allows you to seamlessly and effortlessly monitor and manage your entire mobile operation from a single, easy-to-use online portal.

With a Verizon Connect solution in place, you can:

Manage your fleet from virtually anywhere: Track vehicle location and other key information from practically anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.

Spot trends: See key trends and patterns, at-a-glance, by team, department or across your entire fleet. Track fuel consumption, driver safety, idling, driving hours, start/finish time and more.

Schedule smarter: Easily tracking costs, available resources and job requirements allows you to schedule and assign jobs to the right person, at the right time.

Improve processes: Use data collected such as site arrival and departure time, and engine hours to automate key processes such as billing, timesheets and payroll.

Improve routes: Determine, not just the best route between two points, but the best order to complete the day’s work. Help reduce miles driven and time spent behind the wheel.

Find the right solution for your business with our free Fleet Management Buyer’s Guide.

Control costs: Track fuel costs, wages, margins and more in easily customisable dashboards to increase the profitability of every job.

Reduce fuel consumption: Spot and reduce activities across your fleet that could be increasing fuel consumption such as idling and personal mileage.

Improve driver behaviour: Monitor and coach out behaviours such as speeding and harsh driving across your fleet to improve safety and increase fuel economy.

Receive near real-time information: Receive alerts via email, SMS, or in-app whenever certain events take place – such as speeding, driving time exceeded, dash lights and more.

Schedule reports: Schedule regular reports on everything from fuel consumption to driver start and finish time. Reports can be automatically sent to anyone in your organisation as well as to third-party service providers. 

What makes us different?

When you partner with Verizon Connect for fleet management, you don’t just get the tools to analyse your data and spot trends within your fleet. We’ll take care of the analysis for you, clearly highlighting inefficiencies and opportunities that arise within your fleet data.

Ours is a tailored service from start to finish. We’ll take the time to fully understand your unique business – its pain points, challenges and goals. We’ll also make sure you fully understand what you can expect from us and exactly how our solution can help your business.

With almost two decades of experience in the technology industry, we’ve also perfected the art of seamless installation. And our relationship doesn’t end once you sign on the dotted line.

All of our customers have ongoing access to a vast array of Verizon Connect resources – from industry information and advice to technical support and API integration. Plus, with more than 3,500 dedicated employees in 15 countries, we’re able to offer round-the-clock support to help you make the most of your investment. 

When choosing your GPS fleet management solution remember that there is no one-size-fits-all. Every organisation is unique and requires much more than an off the shelf product. Take the time to find a supplier that’s the right fit for your complex business needs and make sure you put them through their paces before making your final decision.

Still making your mind up? Why not book a live demo and see the Verizon Connect solution in action? 

Simon Austin

Simon is the Marketing Manager for UK & Ireland, Verizon Connect. With over 12 years marketing experience in the IT software and business analytics industry, Simon believes passionately in the power of data and how it can help business realise their full potential.

Tags: Cost control, Customer service, Data & analytics, Dispatching & scheduling, Payroll, Productivity & efficiency, Safety, Team management

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