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Reliable and actionable data directly from your engine

Properly maintaining your fleet is critical to a successful business. With Engine Connect for Reveal, you can record critical data from the vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM), or Engine Control Unit (ECU). You can then view fuel usage and distance traveled, track vehicle mileage, and receive diagnostic alerts and engine performance reports all from Reveal. Help your fleet be more fuel-efficient and respond to maintenance problems faster– before they lead to unexpected downtime.


Fuel Usage

Accurately measure fuel consumption from the Engine Control Module and identify driver behaviour that is linked to high fuel costs.


Engine Connect and the ECM automatically records VINs and keep records up-to-date in Reveal.

Distance travelled

ECM control systems can help capture accurate odometer readings and see how many miles your drivers have traveled.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

Automatically receive DTC alerts when the check engine light comes on and know when to take action and help prevent future issues.


Capture accurate speeds of your vehicle from the ECU and improve driver behaviour.

Ignition and idling

With Engine Connect you can see when your engine is on or when it’s not in motion.

Engine hours

The ECU can also track how long your engine has been running and stay on top of maintenance.

How does the device connect to the vehicle?

How does the device connect to the vehicle?

Our vehicle tracking unit (VTU) connects to the vehicle’s engine computer module (ECM) via the on-board diagnostics (OBD) or JBus port. This enables the hardware to capture important data from the engine management system and report it back to the software, where you can view and action on it.

Part of an integrated fleet solution.

Part of an integrated fleet solution.

Engine Connect enhances the Reveal fleet management system. Reveal offers near real-time fleet tracking, so you can:

  • See vehicle location on a live map
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Track fuel efficiency and fuel consumption to help manage expenses

Help improve your fleet’s productivity, efficiency, and safety like never before.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Engine Control Module?

The Engine Control Module (ECM) sits in the engine bay and is the brains of the engine management system. The module is responsible for controlling four major parts of engine injection systems: air fuel mixture, fuel injection, ignition timing, and emissions control. It is constantly monitoring these items to assure the vehicle is in a safe operating status.

ECM may also be referred to as Engine Computer Module and Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

What Engine Control Module data does Engine Connect monitor?

ECMs collect a lot of data from the electronic components throughout the vehicle engine bay: oxygen sensors, temperature sensors, spark plugs, camshaft, crankshaft and other engine parts. In isolation these sensor readings can be hard to interpret, but when combined they can paint a detailed picture of the performance of your vehicle.

The ECM data captured by Reveal Engine Connect includes fuel consumption, odometer readings, ignition and idling events, most Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), speed, Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) and engine hours.

How does Engine Connect help my business?

By using engine control module information and recording engine performance and vehicle data, you can get ahead of maintenance issues that could cause vehicle downtime, track fuel costs and take steps to reduce fuel consumption.

What kind of reporting do I get with Engine Connect?

With the fuel efficiency report, you can compare fuel used, distance traveled and average cost by vehicle across your fleet that will help keep track of the fuel economy.

What alerts do I receive?

If something is wrong with a vehicle’s mechanics, you’ll receive a diagnostic trouble code alert. This will tell you which vehicle is having trouble, when it happened, and the actual code, so you can understand what type of issue it is. The alert will appear in the Reveal system, but you can also set it up to receive an email or text message alert.

What hardware is required?

A small device is placed inside your vehicle that plugs into the ECU computer or vehicle OBD port. Once this is activated, the electronic control unit or ECM will start reporting that vehicle’s data to the Reveal system.

Do I need Reveal to have Engine Connect?

Yes, you will need to have Reveal installed in order to use Engine Connect. This way, all your engine and vehicle data are stored in one place for everyone in your fleet to access.

How do I access Reveal?

Reveal is web-based fleet management software that is accessible via an internet browser on your computer or through our mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.