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Verizon Connect Wins autoXreport Innovator Award for EV Suitability Tool

Verizon Connect Wins autoXreport Innovator Award for EV Suitability Tool

Today, Verizon Connect’s new EV Suitability Tool has won the EV Fleet Management Innovator category of the 2nd annual 2024 autoXreport Innovator Awards, presented by Compass Intelligence, a global market research and advisory tech firm. The 2024 autoXreport Innovator Awards honor the most innovative companies in autonomous, electric, fleets, driver/vehicle technology, and automotive innovation across the globe. 

In 2023, Verizon Connect made a major update to its Reveal platform by adding the EV Suitability Tool, a completely new feature that enhances the core fleet management capabilities of Reveal. This new innovative feature represents a significant step forward in helping businesses transition to electric vehicles (EVs) while meeting their sustainability objectives.

So, what exactly does the EV Suitability Tool bring to the table? This new tool automatically analyzes your fleet data, with no input needed from you, and then presents you with clear recommendations on which vehicles could be replaced with EVs. It's like having a personal advisor that is always looking for ways to cut costs and reduce emissions. 

One of the main worries for fleet managers considering EV adoption is range anxiety. Will the EVs be able to cover the distances required by their operations? The EV Suitability Tool puts these concerns to rest by showing exactly which vehicles in your fleet fit within an EV's range. It even categorizes them as "Excellent," "Good," or "OK" fits based on their daily range requirements.

The tool also crunches the numbers on potential fuel cost savings and CO2 emissions reductions, giving you a clear picture of the benefits of going electric. With rising fuel prices and a growing focus on sustainability, these insights are more valuable than ever.

Verizon Connect's EV Suitability Tool isn't just a one-time solution. It's a comprehensive resource that continues to provide value throughout the lifespan of your vehicles. Even when a vehicle reaches the end of its life, you can rely on the tool to guide your decisions on whether an EV would be the right replacement. With its intuitive interface and powerful insights, it's a game-changer for fleet managers looking to embrace the future of transportation.

Winning the autoXreport award is a clear indication of Verizon Connect's unwavering commitment to being a leading innovator in the fleet management space. In 2023, Verizon Connect earned eight industry awards, including a Bronze Stevie Award for Company of the Year in the Transportation Category. As a top-rated fleet management provider by industry peers, Verizon Connect continues to deliver groundbreaking products that change the way the industry operates. 

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