Truck driver GPS apps

Tools for better truck driver efficiency

Your drivers can find directions, locate points of interest like truck stops, toll roads, rest areas, and weigh stations, and see job details quickly from their mobile device.

Reduce calls to and from to the office, and help your drivers be more efficient when they are on a job or traveling to their next destination.


Use friendly competition among your drivers to help improve safety and productivity.

  • Build awareness of safety issues, and encourage better driving behaviors
  • Help decrease unnecessary expenses for overtime pay and accidents
  • Learn which drivers need additional coaching to help reduce inefficiencies

Networkfleet Driver

Helps improve driver efficiency by giving your truckers access to routes, schedules and vehicle alerts.

  • Access detailed maps and use voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions
  • Easily see vehicle and maintenance information as well as service history
  • Receive information on idling, miles driven, and number of trips and stops

Reveal Driver

Give your mobile workforce a digital solution for tracking their jobs.

  • Let your drivers assign themselves to vehicles with location-assisted choices
  • Give your crew the ability to accept new work
  • Allow your team to check their individual performances against benchmarks

Our fleet management apps for business and government are available for download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.