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Dispatch your tow trucks effectively

Verizon Connect fleet management software shows all your tow trucks on one screen, so you can respond quickly to customer emergencies. Track fuel consumption and driver behaviors to monitor costs and safety.


Get better visibility for towing dispatch

When emergencies happen, tow truck dispatchers can see which vehicles are available and closest to the job. Our GPS fleet tracking system works in near real time to help improve scheduling and dispatching, so you can adapt to the daily changes of the towing business.



Coach better driving behaviors with alerts

Our fleet management system alerts you when drivers speed, accelerate too quickly or turn too fast, so you can coach the workers who need improvement.


Fuel costs

View easy-to-use fuel cost tracker reports

Excessive idling or speeding could be costing you. Our fleet management system provides reports and dashboards with the data you need to help reduce unnecessary expenses for your towing company.


Customer service

Help keep customers happy with up-to-date ETAs

Use a live map to track your tow trucks and provide up-to-date ETAs to your customers with our towing company software. Recognize when late arrivals might occur and update your customers.


Capture unbiased video footage of accidents

With smart video in the passenger seat, dashcams can help protect companies in the tow truck industry from false claims and mitigate liability.

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Case study

See how Veterans Towing uses Verizon Connect vehicle tracking to save on fuel and maintenance

Let’s say if we do 2,000 tows a month with Verizon Connect, with paper I’d probably only be able to do 400.

Bruce Mofid
Managing Director, Veterans Towing

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8 Benefits of an Integrated Platform

The power and simplicity of a single integrated telematics platform can help boost business efficiency while improving customer service and your bottom line. Let’s take a closer look at eight ways your organization can benefit from using one platform to manage your entire fleet.

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