GPS fleet tracking to support your business


Get the technology you need for success

See your entire fleet on a live map to help with scheduling jobs and dispatching your mobile electricians. Our field service management software helps you get more work done, promote safety and provide proof of service when you need it.

Improve the customer experience

Proof of service

Improve the customer experience

Let your crew capture job notes, photos and digital signatures right from the field, so you can provide proof of service when you need it. Keep your customers happy and know a job was completed.



Reroute electricians easily

When a last-minute job comes up, have the flexibility to get someone to the job site fast. See your whole crew on a live map in near real time, so you can react quickly to an emergency.


Coach better driving behaviors

Our software solution gives you dashcams with alerts and notifications for unsafe driving behaviors, like rapid acceleration, harsh cornering and speeding. Use near real-time video to help your electricians be safe on the road.

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Get notified when a vehicle needs service

Don’t be late to a job due to a broken-down vehicle. Set up preventative maintenance schedules and receive alerts when your vehicles need service.

Case study

See how Papalia Home Services uses Verizon Connect vehicle tracking to help their business

It’s just helpful knowing where the techs are, so if customers call, we can use that information to determine who is closest to a particular job site.

Vicki Laake
Office Manager, Papalia Home Services
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Frequently asked questions

What is field service management software?

A field service management software solution provides the tools you need to manage your vehicles, drivers and jobs, including smart service scheduling, dispatching, vehicle tracking, reporting, driver safety alerts, fuel monitoring and fleet security. With mobile apps and an intuitive user interface, you can monitor your fleet when you are at the office, at home or in the field with easy-to-use software.

Our fleet and field service management software provide your electricians with an easy way to track their jobs, find the best route to the job site and communicate with the office. Electrical business owners can gain better visibility into a crew’s day-to-day and monitor vehicles after hours.

What are the benefits of field service management software?

The Verizon Connect platform provides an all-in-one software solution to help support electricians and electrical contractors. GPS vehicle tracking is just the beginning.

We make job management easy for your field service business. Our software provides reports, dashboards and data that can help you make cost-saving business decisions. Get near real-time visibility into vehicle locations with a live map, reduce downtime with preventative maintenance notifications and receive alerts for unsafe or fuel-wasting driving behaviors. Geofences show when your field technician arrived, how long they stayed and when they left, which can help you find inefficiencies and increase revenue on future jobs.

That’s not all. Verizon Connect can even help you save money and get a great ROI with our software. On average, our customers were able to decrease vehicle idling by 13% and reduce harsh driving events by 15%. 1 Businesses like yours were also able to perform 2.5 more stops per vehicle per week on average. 1

Do you have advice for getting my electricians to adopt the software?

Verizon Connect is an easy transition for you and your workers. We ranked the highest for features and UX/UI among commercial telematics providers. 2

Our award-winning system2 gives more autonomy to field workers, so they have less back-and-forth with the home office. They can press a button to set their status and move on with their day. They can use their smartphone to look up customer information, record job details and collect signatures. The convenience of the system helps your electrical business by making everyone’s day easier.

How does Verizon Connect help with customer management?

Most customers in today’s digital environment expect fast and personalized service. When you can provide text and email reminders and confirmations, it helps build a positive reputation for your company. Our business intelligence system gives you the data you need to provide better ETAs.

Many businesses use our software to handle emergency jobs that require a quick response. The live map helps you find the nearest electrician and check their schedule to see when they’re available for dispatching.

The best field service management software helps you provide your customers with a better experience—one they will want to tell their friends about.

How do I install the software?

You login to the software through your internet browser, so no installation is required. Managers can access the field service management system from their office laptop or desktop computer, and electricians use a mobile app on their compatible iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet.

Do Verizon Connect solutions work with third-party software?

Verizon Connect understands how difficult it can be to transition to a new system, so we’ve made it easy to integrate with third-party software or import your customer information. Check out our partner marketplace to see some of our integrations, fuel cards and supply chain software. We’re also willing to set up new API connections to fit the needs of your electrical business.