Getting more from your connected Hino vehicles.

Getting more from your connected Hino vehicles.

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Insights for your business

The Hino INSIGHT platform comes built-in to every new Hino truck. This solution comes standard for 1-year and delivers a fully integrated Telematics, Remote Diagnostics, and Case Management solution to provide the intelligence and performance tools needed to keep your fleet productive and profitable.

Custom dashboards

Custom dashboards provide valuable trend data on driver behavior and vehicle performance including idle time, fuel economy, and distance traveled.

Near real-time vehicle health

Use exclusive Hino alerts to keep your fleet healthy. Monitor DPF regen, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions, and more.

Insight alerts

Configurable alerts provide immediate insight into key data about a vehicle’s health including engine temperature, high RPM, and DEF levels.

Industry benchmarks

Compare the performance to of an individual vehicle or fleet against industry benchmarks from fleets of similar industries or vocations in different geographical regions.

Running a mixed fleet?

One of the things that our customers love about us is our ability to adapt - whatever they need we have the experience to make it happen. When it comes to hardware we’ve made it easy - we work with the assets you’ve got but we also have OEM partners that can mean zero installation costs and no downtime.

Built-in telematic solutions

Hino INSIGHT Telematics comes built-in to all new Hino vehicles. This includes a 1-year pre-paid subscription to Hino INSIGHT Telematics.

Learn more about our built-in solutions

Aftermarket telematic solutions

We provide hardware solutions for vehicles and equipment of all makes, models, and assets to take control of your entire fleet all on the same platform.

Case study

See how Alliance Imaging compliance requirements, particularly HOS, are being met.

It allows us to look at the [HOS] logs on a daily basis to ensure that our drivers are meeting [them].

Kirk Smitherman
Logistics Manager, Alliance

Trusted by fleets large and small including:


Learn how Industrial Power Trucking and Equipment from Texas uses Hino INSIGHT to provide extra value to their customers.


View and monitor your entire fleet from a single portal.

Fuel economy

Learn how you can use Hino INSIGHT to save on fuel costs.


Learn how to increase the productivity of you fleet using Hino INSIGHT.


Learn how Hino INSIGHT can help maintain your fleet to maximize uptime.


Learn how you can improve the safety of your drivers using Hino INSIGHT.


Total fleet visibility

Active vehicle location tracking

GPS-verified location accuracy to within meters of the vehicle’s current location


Create virtual fences on the map and protect your assets from unauthorized uses or theft by alerting when a vehicle enters or exits a location

Asset utilization

Report on vehicle and equipment usage over time to identify assets that are not being used effectively

Idle time

Monitor wasteful vehicle idling to identify opportunities that can reduce your fleet’s fuel costs

Vehicle alerts

Get alerts for a range of situations that need a fast response and have them sent to the right person

Maintenance management

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

Report on a wide range of partner exclusive DTCs to monitor the vehicle’s health and troubleshoot issues


Access vehicle total mileage reading that can be used to schedule routine maintenance including dealer servicing

Engine speed (RPM)

Diagnose rough idling or pair with other data points to help pinpoint potential maintenance issues

Battery Voltage

Identify issues with the vehicle’s battery or electrical system that can prevent a dead-battery breakdown

Fuel consumption

Report on fuel used by the vehicle to help identify irregularities, uncover theft, or uneconomical driving

Driver safety

Driver behavior scorecards

An easy metric system that uses an objective grading system to help you identify coaching opportunities

Speeding vs posted

Report on speeding incidents to help improve driver safety and prevent unnecessary fines or trip delays

Harsh braking / acceleration

Monitor unsafe driving behavior to help reduce risky driving or costly asset damage

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