Fleet management solutions designed for your International Trucks

Fleet management solutions designed for your International Trucks

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Complete fleet visibility

Not knowing what’s really happening out in the field can mean missed opportunities, poor productivity and unnecessary costs.

The Verizon Connect Fleet platform integrates with your Navistar International truck data to give you a 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations. Dispatch efficiently, improve customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates.

Trusted by fleets large and small including:

Get up and running quickly

Get up and running quickly

Our comprehensive software leverages GPS tracking devices already built into your Navistar International trucks — that means no additional hardware costs or installation required. Just activate your subscription, and you’re ready to go. Cloud ELD connects via the Internet and complies with FMCSA regulations, giving customers access to HOS compliance reports.

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Manage your fleet from a single platform

Manage your fleet from a single platform

Get near real-time data from your trucks to help monitor fuel consumption, driving behaviors and preventive maintenance.

Running a mixed fleet?

Running a mixed fleet?

If your fleet includes a variety of makes, models and heavy equipment, Verizon Connect offers built-in and aftermarket hardware solutions to help you get better visibility.

Check vehicle compatibility

No installation downtime

No installation downtime

Built-in hardware and easy over-the-air activation gets your trucks up and running right off the lot.

Safe drivers

Safe drivers

Leverage built-in fleet intelligence with exclusive partner enabled data points not available on aftermarket devices.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

See all your trucks together on a live map to help improve utilization and overall fleet management.


Total fleet visibility

Active vehicle location tracking

GPS-verified location accuracy to within meters of the vehicle’s current location.


Create a virtual perimeter to help protect your assets from unauthorized use or theft, and receive an alert when a vehicle enters or exits the location.

Asset utilization

Report on vehicle and equipment usage over time to identify assets that are not being used effectively.

Idle time

Monitor wasteful vehicle idling to identify opportunities that can reduce your fleet’s fuel costs.

Vehicle alerts

Get alerts for a range of situations that need a fast response and have them sent to the right person.

Cloud ELD

Cloud ELD connects via the Internet and complies with ELD regulations, giving customers access to HOS compliance reports.

Maintenance management

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

Report on a wide range of partner exclusive DTCs to monitor the vehicle’s health and troubleshoot issues.

Odometer & engine hours

Access vehicle total mileage reading that can be used to schedule routine maintenance, including dealer servicing.

Engine speed (RPM)

Diagnose rough idling or pair with other data points to help pinpoint potential maintenance issues.

Battery Voltage

Identify issues with a vehicle’s battery or electrical system to help reduce the likelihood of a dead-battery breakdown.

Engine coolant temperature

Get immediate alerts on overheating vehicle temperatures to help prevent catastrophic engine failure.

Driver safety

Driver behavior scorecards

Use an easy-to-understand, objective grading system to help identify coaching opportunities.

Speeding vs posted

Receive reports on speeding incidents to help boost driver safety, and reduce unnecessary fines or trip delays.

Harsh braking / acceleration

Monitor unsafe driving behavior to help reduce risky driving or costly asset damage.