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Streamline your fleet with an intelligent, built-in platform

Verizon Connect Fleet is available as a built-in solution from leading vehicle and equipment manufacturers giving you rich diagnostic data, no installation downtime, capitalization tax benefits, as well as warranty options backed by an extensive dealer network. Connect over-the-air with vehicles from our automotive partners to uncover their full potential.

Manage all your vehicles with one solution

Manage all your vehicles with one solution

With a single login, Verizon Connect Fleet allows you to get near real-time location and status of all your vehicles, equipment and assets on one dashboard. With full fleet metrics, maintenance scheduling, instant alerts and reports, you can immediately analyze trends, like driver behavior, fuel use and maintenance costs.

Why choose built-in telematics hardware?

Verizon Connect partners with leading vehicle and equipment manufacturers to develop connected vehicle solutions that are ready to go from day one.

No installation downtime

Built-in, tamper-proof hardware and easy over-the-air activation gets your vehicle up and running quickly.

Rich vehicle data

Leverage built-in fleet intelligence with exclusive partner-enabled data points not available on aftermarket devices.

Operational efficiency

Access powerful analytics to help you understand your business performance and uncover new ways to improve.

Driver safety

Foster a culture of safe driving and leverage data-driven scorecards to coach drivers on better habits.

Discover additional benefits from our automotive partners1

Running a mixed fleet?

Running a mixed fleet?

We recognize that your fleet may have a diverse mix of vehicles and equipment. Aside from our portfolio of automotive partners, Verizon Connect provides hardware solutions to connect vehicles and equipment of all makes, models and assets to help you take control of your entire fleet on one powerful platform.

Built-in hardware

Newer vehicles from our automotive partners come equipped with telematics modems and can be activated over-the-air on our Verizon Connect Fleet platform. 2

Aftermarket hardware

Our hardware solutions can be self installed or professionally installed. We engineer them to be able to connect vehicles and equipment of most makes and models.

Asset tracking

Look after your high-value assets with quality GPS asset tracking devices specifically designed to meet your requirements and the demands of your working environment.