GPS fleet tracking apps

GPS fleet tracking software for your mobile device

Our fleet tracking apps can give you visibility into your operations and access to your complete fleet management solution right from your Android or iOS smartphone.

Near real-time GPS tracking and telematics data from vehicle tracking devices installed in your work trucks let you see exactly what your mobile fleet is doing. Locate drivers, respond to emergencies quickly and get near real-time access to your truck, asset, crew and job data.

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Networkfleet Manager

Take more control of your organization and manage your entire fleet on the go.

  • See vehicle locations on one screen with work order details
  • Track your assets to know when they’re available
  • View and set up delivery schedules for your crew
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Reveal Manager

Access all of the great functionality of your fleet management software right from your mobile device.

  • Get the near real-time location of any driver or find the nearest technician for an urgent job
  • Monitor performance benchmarks with dashboard metrics and scorecards
  • Receive near real-time hard-braking and speed-limit alerts and notifications
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Reveal Locator

See all of your fleet vehicles and whether they’re moving, stopped or idling.

  • Quickly find out vehicle location and status from the map view—even when you’re away from the office
  • Check which drivers are assigned to your vehicles
  • See live traffic conditions affecting your fleet
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Integrated Video

Use dash cams to help mitigate risk and coach your drivers.

  • Be notified when a harsh-driving event occurs
  • Watch videos within minutes of an unsafe event on your smartphone (Android and Apple iOS)
  • Take action sooner without having to watch hours of footage
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Easily monitor vehicles, assets and the activity of a mobile workforce while on the go.

  • Receive urgent fleet maintenance alerts
  • Monitor the status and location of your fleet vehicles, workers and assets
  • Review driver behavior to help improve safety and fuel efficiency
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Our fleet management apps for business and government are available for download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.