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GPS tracking definition

GPS tracking is the system of monitoring the location of an object (e.g., car, person, animal, equipment, etc.) by attaching a GPS tracking device to it. At its simplest level the tracking device is fitted with a GPS receiver and some way to record its current location (i.e., latitude and longitude) at regular intervals.

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How does GPS tracking work?

Global positioning system (GPS) tracking uses more than 30 satellites in orbit to track the location of an object or device. GPS satellites submit signals that a GPS tracker receives, and this signal is used to obtain detailed information about the device’s location.

Who can utilize GPS tracking?

GPS tracking has many uses and offers benefits for individuals and businesses. One of the most prevalent uses is in fleet management, GPS tracking applications provide access to the location of assets, but they also help with tracking vehicle maintenance schedules, monitoring fuel usage, and analyzing trends in driver behavior.

GPS tracking for assets

Because of its ability to track a device’s location, GPS tracking is incredibly useful for asset management. It can help recover equipment in the event of theft or loss. Some tracking systems can even send automatic alerts if they move outside of a designated area.

Combined with telematics, GPS tracking can also provide a larger picture and set of data that helps with asset management. This can include things like monitoring equipment performance or scheduling maintenance when it is needed, rather than on a predetermined schedule.

Benefits of GPS tracking

GPS tracking is beneficial due to the practical data it can provide. Information from GPS tracking can be used to optimize routes, protect assets, and obtain real-time fleet management information. This data can help in several ways:

  • Location monitoring: Real-time tracking of asset location helps monitor vehicles, equipment, and high-value items, which can help to recover assets that are lost or stolen.
  • Improved productivity: GPS tracking can monitor usage patterns and idle time, which can help to identify bottlenecks and improve productivity.
  • Enhanced customer service: For businesses such as delivery services, GPS tracking can offer customers real-time updates about delivery times.
  • Cost savings: Overall, the insights gained from GPS tracking can lead to significant savings by improving efficiency, reducing theft, improving maintenance and more.

Businesses can protect their investments and gain critical insights that help to manage resources and make more informed decisions all by using GPS tracking.

Frequently asked questions about GPS tracking

What is a GPS tracking device?

A GPS tracking device is a piece of hardware that can be attached to a vehicle or other asset that can communicate with GPS satellites to obtain precise location data. This data can be stored on the unit, or transmitted to a central database where it can be analyzed later.

While the basic functionality of a GPS tracking device provides spatial data, more advanced units can include accelerometers for tracking speed, or temperature sensors for monitoring environmental conditions.

What is GPS tracking (global positioning system)?

GPS tracking is a method of monitoring the location of an object, person, or vehicle through the Global Positioning System. It involves placing a GPS-enabled device, or tracker, on the object to be monitored. The device communicates with GPS satellites and uses these signals to calculate its exact position.

This location data is then transmitted via cellular or satellite communication to a central server that is accessible to users. Through a software application, users can view real-time or historical data transmitted this way, which can be used for fleet management, asset tracking, personal safety and navigation, and more.

What commercial vehicles have GPS tracking built-in?

Many commercial vehicles from leading automotive companies come with GPS tracking as a built-in feature. This includes many different types of vehicles and equipment, and applications such as Verizon Connect make it easy to keep track of diverse fleets.

Will I need to upgrade my computer to use GPS tracking?

Because many modern GPS tracking solutions use the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, device demands are relatively low. As long as your computer or device can use a modern web browser and has internet access, it should be compatible with a service such as Verizon Connect.

The SaaS model also means that the installation and software upgrade processes are streamlined, since they are mostly handled server-side. This helps to expand compatibility across a wide range of devices.

Where can I get GPS tracking hardware?

Depending on your specific GPS tracking needs, different types of GPS tracking hardware can be purchased from different sources. Tracking hardware can be obtained from online retailers, specialty electronics stores, directly from the manufacturer, or from a telecommunication company such as Verizon Connect.

When purchasing GPS tracking hardware, it’s important to consider factors such as battery life, features like real-time tracking, and compatibility with your tracking software or platform. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the reliability and reputation of the device manufacturer, and if they offer services like installation or technical support.

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