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GPS tracking is the system of monitoring the location of an object (e.g., car, person, animal, equipment, etc.) by attaching a GPS tracking device to it. At its simplest level the tracking device is fitted with a GPS receiver and some way to record its current location (i.e., latitude and longitude) at regular intervals.

This recorded information can be relayed in near real time over a cellular network (if the tracking device is equipped with a data transmitter) or the data may be manually downloaded from the device after it has been retrieved. The latter is referred to as data logging. GPS trackers can be plugged into a vehicle’s OBD port to provide additional tracking data for fleet tracking software.

GPS tracking software needs to be used to make sense of the recorded data, translating the logged location information into dots on a map.

Privacy concerns about GPS tracking have resulted in legislation around how GPS tracking devices can be used.

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GPS fleet tracking

GPS fleet tracking

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GPS asset tracking

GPS asset tracking

With GPS asset tracking software from Verizon Connect, you can monitor equipment and on-site assets while improving security, utilization and uptime.

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