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Verizon Connect empowers organizations with more ways to manage and maintain equipment in the field

What you need to know:

  • New proprietary Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT) for Verizon Connect Reveal and Fleet now available in the U.S. and Canada

  • Enriching OEM data for heavy duty machinery, Verizon Connect Fleet now supports AEMP 2.0 telematics integration

NEW YORK - Delivering on a best-in-class experience for users globally, Verizon Connect today announced new updates for mobile workforce management platforms to help customers more easily connect and monitor their assets in a centralized way that works best for them. Through geographic expansion of its new Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT) into Canada and enriched OEM data support through AEMP 2.0 integration for heavy duty machinery from OEMs like John Deere, Verizon Connect is able to provide more flexibility in creating a 360 view of business-critical data.

With a better handle on key equipment data, such as status, location, productivity and health, businesses can gain operational efficiencies, while reducing theft and downtime for high-value and critical machinery. 

“Managing equipment, in addition to vehicles, people and jobs, requires the best quality data to provide actionable insights and a return on investment,” said Erin Cave, Global VP of Product Management, Verizon Connect. “​​By providing customers with a single-pane-of-glass view into their data through our platform, we’re able to help them make faster and better decisions when it comes to their equipment operations and management.”

Easier Recovery with Proprietary EAT

Verizon Connect EAT is now available for Verizon Connect Fleet and Reveal in both the US and Canada. With a focus on simpler installation and an enhanced user experience across asset-only and mixed fleet customers, the Verizon built EAT device is interoperable, upgradeable and secure by design. Key Features:

  • Wired and Battery Options: The EAT device comes in two versions: a wired-install version (EAT) for powered heavy equipment, such as yellow iron and tractors, and a battery-powered version (EAT-B) for equipment that doesn’t have a power source, including trailers and dumpsters.

  • Compact Size: The small and sleek form factor means discreet installations to help recover assets in case of theft, even on assets without power (by using the battery-powered equipment asset tracker, EAT-B).

  • Ping Configurations: Both the EAT and EAT-B provide a wide library of available configurations to meet customer business requirements, including a ‘ping’ on movement.

  • Customer Managed Installation: The ability to self install reduces downtime for customers to get up and running quickly and easily.

  • Extended Battery1: A longer battery life of up to 10 years means the device needs to be exchanged less frequently.

  • LTE Capable: Better coverage with CATM LTE, a low power wide area (LPWA) IOT LTE standard supported across mobile networks, to enable connectivity even without 2G and 3G network availability.

Additionally, with the EAT’s robust centralized tools and reporting, fleet managers can have more visibility into their device performance in order to proactively address and self-heal issues.

Verizon Connect for Heavy Duty Equipment

AEMP 2.0 data points provide meaningful KPIs and metrics that can be used for proactive maintenance planning and job allocation. To better support mixed fleets of heavy equipment, such as OEM assets from John Deere and others, Verizon Connect Fleet’s AEMP 2.0 telematics integration enables customers to make informed business decisions about equipment fleets that can help them reduce unplanned downtime, lower fuel costs, measure efficiency, and increase asset utilization.

With a self-service setup experience for adding AEMP 2.0 connections for eligible assets into the Verizon Connect telematics dashboard, Fleet customers can get from data to insights faster. The platform’s customized Map View and Asset Summary Report provides full visibility into valuable asset data such as distance, idle time, fuel usage and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank levels to help ​​fleet operators get the full picture to improve their machine productivity and utilization.

As a top-rated fleet management provider by customer and industry peers, Verizon Connect continues to innovate when it comes to delivering groundbreaking products that have changed the way the industry operates. By automating, enhancing, and redefining how people, vehicles, and other objects move through the world, Verizon Connect is guiding a connected world on the move.

For more information, visit verizonconnect.com.

1 EAT battery lasts approximately 7000 pings, or 5 years at 4 pings per day; EAT-B lasts approximately 14,000 pings, or 10 years at 4 pings per day. Battery life is estimated for use under optimal conditions. Factors such as low network signal strength, obstacles and temperature can reduce battery life.

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