Volvo trucks have Verizon Connect built-in.

That makes it simple to run a safer, efficient and compliant fleet.

That makes it simple to run a safer, efficient and compliant fleet.

Reliable trucks are built from reliable information

Together, we're redefining how life moves by helping people see clearly, act intelligently, and go with confidence.

Proactively manage your fleet with built-in Verizon Connect, coupled with Volvo's tradition of durable, functional, and reliable trucks. Using built-in OEM hardware provides higher quality data, vehicle health diagnostics, and the most reliable connectivity for your fleet. Built-in Verizon Connect and Volvo trucks: a combination that isn't just following the industry standard—but setting it.

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Access from anywhere

Super fast web-based maps, accessible from any device with an internet connection. Supervisors or drivers out in the field can see the same view a manager has back in the office.

Compliance & fleet management

Get near real-time views into fleet operations, from truck locations to utilization trends. Use cloud based software to automate reporting, such as IFTA mileage reports. Reduce downtime with service plans, alerts and reminders when service is due.

Easy-to-use dashboards

See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet. Easily review your progress towards achieving and maintaining KPIs or budgets with up-to-the-minute fleet analytics.

Get control of your fleet with the tools, reporting, near real-time alerts and easy to use dashboards needed to keep your fleet working to its full potential.

Enterprise software integration

Easily integrate billing, payroll, dispatch, HR, maintenance, CRM, safety, IFTA reporting and more.

ELD compliance management

Complex regulations, simple solutions.

Verizon Connect can also add on compliance management software that keeps pace with changing government regulations, and gives you peace of mind that your fleet is operating safely and lawfully. It makes monitoring your drivers and vehicles easier, allowing you to focus on taking care of your customers.

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It allows us to look at the [HOS] logs on a daily basis to ensure that our drivers are meeting [them].
Kirk Smitherman, Logistics Manager
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Most makes, models and assets accepted

When it comes to hardware we've made it easy - we work with the assets you've got but we also have OEM partners that can mean zero installation costs and no downtime.


Volvo trucks*

A built-in telematics solution gives you the richest diagnostic data, avoids installation downtime, and provides capitalization tax benefits coupled with warranty options – all backed by an extensive dealer network.

Volvo truck


For any vehicle or asset.

From cars and cranes to heavy haulers, we enable you to track and manage all of your assets within one platform, on one screen, with one login.

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Software that drives your bottom line

We help you uncover hidden savings while revealing opportunities for greater productivity and efficiency. From planning through implementation, integration to training, Verizon Connect is dedicated to your results, your ROI and your bottom line.

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Smart dashboards and reporting tools

You can’t manage what you’re not measuring. Use our smart dashboards and fleet management reporting tools to analyze trends, and compare against industry benchmarks. What’s giving you a good return, and what isn’t? You’ll soon know where you can save, and operate a more efficient fleet.


Built-in fleet intelligence for Volvo Trucks
Fuel used
Idle fuel
Fault status reports
Commercial truck compliance and navigation
Automated Hours of Service (HOS/ELD)
Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs)
Truck-specific commercial navigation
IFTA state miles reporting
DOT compliance
Tablet or smartphone
Bring your own device (BYOD)
Automated driver assignment
Last mile routing
Road network feedback from over 150k drivers
Trucking fleet management
Fast mapping with spatial clustering
Mobile view for supervisors on the move
Powerful automated reports
Near real-time alerts
Fleet intelligence dashboard
Animated vehicle history
Driver behavior scorecards
Speeding against posted limit