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The integration between Verizon Connect Reveal and U.S. Bank Voyager®️ enables organizations and government agencies to better manage fuel and maintenance purchases and expenses with enhanced controls, visibility and reporting, to optimize fuel usage and costs, and help to prevent possible incidents of misuse.

Fuel Management
Solution type:
Required software:
Verizon Connect Reveal
Supported region:
United States
Verizon Connect


Efficiencies will be gained by reviewing fuel and telematics data simultaneously. By leveraging the Verizon Connect fuel reporting suite to see summary and historical fuel transactions and fuel efficiency data, fleets can optimize fuel usage and costs and help to prevent possible incidents of misuse.



  • Allows program managers to administer cards, set spend controls and see all transactions within a single system.
  • Offers reliable uptime and the highest levels of data security.
  • Backed by the safety and security of a leading bank.


  • Industry-leading reporting tools. Complete level III fleet data provides line-item insight into every purchase, including non-financial transactions at private fueling sites.
  • Seamless account maintenance. Track, update and manage all fleet operations and payments. Capabilities include robust reporting tools, real-time account maintenance, and controls and alerts to stay informed and in control of expenses.
  • Direct data integration. Support existing business processes with seamless integration into your existing financial, telematics and fleet systems for a comprehensive view of operations.

Cost savings

  • Purchase control. Leverage robust controls including PIN, odometer, vehicle/driver ID and customizable fuel pump prompts to reduce fraud and prevent misuse.
  • Merchant discounts. Allows fuel providers to accommodate negotiated discounts – including cash price or reprice at truck stops.


  • Wide acceptance. Accepted on both the Voyager and Mastercard networks, it lets drivers pay for fleet-related expenses with a single card even in remote locations, as well as Canada.
  • Essential purchases. Works for all fleet-related expenses, so drivers can rest assured their card will cover surprises including repairs and unexpected hotel stays.
  • Streamlined program management. Administer cards, set spend controls and see all Voyager and Mastercard transactions within a single system.


The U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Program, consisting of the Voyager Network, the Voyager Maintenance Solution, Voyager Mobile Apps and the Voyager Mastercard®️, equips organizations with the information and tools needed to improve business decisions, gain oversight and give their business a competitive edge. Furthermore, U.S. Bank is the only major bank to offer a fleet-related payment solution that runs on a secure, reliable and proprietary network with the efficiency and security that only a bank can provide.

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