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SpeedGauge Inc. is a premier driver behavior analytics and performance company. It helps fleet managers track the speeding behavior of drivers and compare their safety performance to other fleets. 

Solution type:
Required software:
Verizon Connect Fleet, Verizon Connect Reveal
Supported region:
United States
SpeedGauge, Inc.


This integration provides Verizon Connect Reveal GPS and vehicle information data to SpeedGauge in order to facilitate driver behavior monitoring and to create safety scores that compare a fleet’s performance to other fleets. 


  • Benchmark the safety performance of your entire fleet compared to other SpeedGauge enabled fleets. 
  • Use data to potentially reduce the operational costs associated with speeding including fuel and maintenance.
  • Improve conversations with insurance providers by using SpeedGauge’s safety scores.


  • Monitor the speeding frequency and severity of an entire fleet and individual drivers. 
  • Better understand your drivers’ true behavior with safety scores that incorporate road segments traveled, conditions at the time that incidents are recorded, vehicle characteristics, time of day, and weather conditions. 
  • Help drivers understand their own driving habits so they can improve their behavior. 


SpeedGauge is a leading driving analytics and performance company. Our focused, effective solutions help fleets manage and improve driving behaviors to transform a company’s approach to driving, reduce risk, strengthen business operations and enhance financial results. We are devoted to helping customers protect their businesses, their drivers and the motoring public.

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