Sawatch Labs

Sawatch Labs’ ezEV and ezIO integrations leverage machine learning to identify opportunities to add electric vehicles within your fleet.  Our results provide exceptionally customized recommendations so fleets can take quick, confident action to meet their goals.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)
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Verizon Connect Reveal
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United States
Sawatch Labs


Sawatch Labs is a respected fleet electrification analyst that has completed projects with fleets large and small, across all 50 states.  We have developed an advanced energy model that has been real-world tested on more than 320 million miles of data. Together, our expertise and your driving data provides actionable and easy to understand results.


  • Understand EV Opportunities: View which vehicles do and do not make sense as an electric vehicle.
  • Minimize Downtime: We only recommend vehicles that will meet your driver’s daily needs.
  • Maximize Savings: The results will provide estimated operations and capital savings for each vehicle, and estimated charging costs.
  • Project Charging Needs: Understand where and how much charging infrastructure is required at varying levels of EV adoption.


  • Dynamic, easy-to use application
  • Downloadable reports and data tables
  • Economic break-outs
  • Vehicle specific recommendations
  • Fleet-wide projected charging needs


Since 2017, our mission has been to unlock the potential of fleet operational data, providing actionable recommendations to optimize fleet operations. Using our advanced analytics, we have supported fleets across the United State to meet their goals. We have partnered with commercial and government fleets of all sizes, utilities, research labs and coalitions to perform analysis as a trusted, neutral advisor.

We've taken our name from the Sawatch Range in Central Colorado which includes the highest peak in the Rockies. The name is derived from the Ute word meaning "blue-earth spring" and can be pronounced "suh-wahch" or "suh-wahch". We'd like to say we chose this name to represent the wealth of knowledge that we can help spring forth from your data. But, really, we just truly love the Colorado mountains.

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