Verizon Connect Reveal integrates with Fuelman, a Fleetcor company, to compare fuel transaction and vehicle activity data.

Fuel Management
Solution type:
Required software:
Verizon Connect Reveal
Supported region:
United States
Verizon Connect


Reviewing fuel and GPS information together enables fleets to better manage fuel usage and costs by identifying patterns for improving efficiency and helping to prevent misuse.
Verizon Connect users can leverage the fuel reporting suite to see summary and historical fuel transactions, fuel efficiency data, and incidents of possible fuel card misuse.


  • Preferred Network: Accepted at 55k fuel and 30k maintenance locations nationwide
  • Savings: Enhanced by retail savings network and merchant funded discounts
  • Controls: Customizable controls to meet your unique business needs
  • Invoicing and Reporting: Consolidates all fuel purchases into one platform
  • Fraud Protection: Industry-leading fraud engine
  • Advanced analytics: comprehensive insights and analytics on your own data


  • Review detailed reports to enable fleets to identify inefficiencies for opportunities for improvement.
  • Highlight vehicles that are running less efficiently with lower MPGs by showcasing driver behaviors that waste more fuel.
  • Compare transaction details with the assigned vehicle to uncover misuse where the vehicle was not at the transaction site or excessive fuel was purchased.
  • Calculate the carbon footprint of each vehicle to decrease environmental impacts.
  • Review fuel efficiency and purchase trends in your fleet with dashboard metrics.
  • Enhanced Authorization Controls (EAC)  fights fraud with geolocation matching to determine if the fuel card is being used on the right vehicle. This Feature ensures: 
    • Vehicles are actually at the pump for the point-of purchase
    • Tank capacity matches the number of gallons pumped
    • Easier fraud detection

    To subscribe to Enhanced Authorization you must have an active fuel integration


Fuelman a fleet expense management solution is accepted at over 50k preferred fuel locations nationwide. Helping companies track, manage and control fuel expenses across multiple vehicles and drivers by providing custom fuel controls, simplified reports for accounting and tax reporting and deep fuel discounts.

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