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Verizon Connect integrates with Christensen Fleet Card to automatically align fuel transactions with vehicle location and activity data.

Fuel Management
Solution type:
Required software:
Verizon Connect Reveal
Supported region:
United States
Christensen Fleet Card


Reviewing fuel and GPS information together enables fleets to better manage fuel usage and costs by identifying patterns for improving efficiency and to help prevent misuse. Verizon Connect Reveal accounts linked with the Christensen Fleet Card fuel card integration can process updates daily to bring together fuel transaction details for review compared to the vehicle GPS data. Verizon Connect users can leverage the fuel reporting suite to see a summary and history of fuel transactions, fuel efficiency data, and incidents of possible fuel card misuse.


  • Promote reduction in fuel usage and costs.
  • Review the reported location of a vehicle at the reported time of the fuel transaction purchase.
  • Better manage your fleet's costs and administration of fuel.
  • Help reduce your fleet's carbon footprint.


  • The Fuel Purchased Report enables fleets to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement in fuel use.
  • The Fuel Efficiency Report shows which vehicles are running efficiently and which exceed the targeted MPG to highlight driver behaviors that waste more fuel.
  • The Lost Fuel Report compares fuel transaction details with the assigned vehicle to help uncover misuse. This is determined by comparing where the vehicle was, the transaction site and whether excessive fuel was purchased.
  • The Carbon Footprint Report can calculate the carbon footprint of each vehicle to help decrease environmental impacts.
  • You can review trends in your fleet with the fuel efficiency and fuel purchased dashboard metrics.


Christensen Fleet Card is a subsidiary of Christensen, Inc., one of the largest energy and petroleum products distributors in the United States. Christensen is renowned for its exceptional service, high-quality products and competitive prices. We are equally committed to excelling in these areas and providing outstanding service and value to our customers. Backed with the financial support, industry expertise and practical knowledge of our parent company, Christensen Fleet Card is ready to help you operate the most efficient fleet possible.

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