Do More with the Fleet You Have Now


We all dream of what we could have someday – whether in our personal or business lives.

For instance, you might think sometimes, “If I only had a few more employees or a few more vehicles, I’d be able to fill more job orders, make more customers happier and bring in more revenue.”

Well, sometimes “making do” means thinking outside the box and maximizing what you already have instead of wishing you had something else.

You maybe have thought about investing in telematics but dismissed the idea because you considered it something extra – a “not-necessary-but-nice”– and not a critical part of your business at the moment.

The truth is that GPS vehicle tracking can actually help you get more out of what you already have –more jobs, get to more customers faster, be more efficient, and save/make more money, all without adding to your staff/fleet or making anybody do more work.

Here’s how it works: GPS vehicle tracking software helps you dispatch more efficiently and routes your drivers on the best course in near real time. Because dispatchers can get the closest driver on the way to a job and drivers get to customers faster because they’re not stuck in traffic, the customer gets speedy service, and the driver has more hours in the day to handle more jobs – without ever working more hours than he or she is supposed to.

GPS fleet tracking users report positive ROI in less than six months. Get more interesting data points from 2020 Fleet Tracking Trends Report. Download now. 

This means you don’t need to hire more drivers or buy more vehicles – you can stick with the exact same number you already have, and still get more done in the day and bring in more money because of more job orders filled. 

Of course, you may want to eventually hire more people to continue to grow the business, but that doesn’t mean the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking go away – it works to improve a business of any size and grows with the business, every day, and year after year.

Think about it in the long-term: Hiring a tech today might not mean you have the same person at this time next year, and buying a new vehicle now doesn’t ensure that it will still be on the road in 10 years. But investing in GPS vehicle tracking keeps the money rolling in for as long as you want to continue making your business more awesome. 

So don’t just make do – make money with what you’ve already got, by investing in the right tools. 

GPS fleet tracking users report positive ROI in less than six months. Get more interesting data points from 2020 Fleet Tracking Trends Report. Download now. 

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