John Deere equipment is Verizon Connect ready.

John Deere equipment is Verizon Connect ready.

Monitor and manage your equipment with ease.

Manage your fleet and assets with ease

Tap into the power of a fully featured telematics solution to get total visibility on productivity, time on-site, machine health, diagnostics, asset security and operator driving safety. Your John Deere machines with JDLink™ can be accessed with the Verizon Connect MRM (Mobile Resource Management) platform. You can manage your entire fleet – vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment, AEMP-compatible machines and operators – on one screen with one login. Using API connections, you can also extend the solution to integrate with other business systems.

Improve productivity

Remotely track which machines are working, and if they’re working as they should. Take action to get the most productivity out of every asset and employee.

Improve uptime

Get quick alerts and stay on top of machine and asset maintenance with remote diagnostics.

Improve daily operating costs

Easily locate your machines and enable security. View machine utilization data and track time and fuel spent on jobsite.

Our MPG has increased on our vehicles because we're able to track and better maintain them.
Tim Karle, Equipment Superintendent, Atkinson Construction
Our MPG has increased on our vehicles because we're able to track and better maintain them.
Tim Karle
Equipment Superintendent, Atkinson Construction

Mixed fleet? No problem.

Most fleets run a lot of different makes and models, and different vehicle types, from light-duty trucks to equipment and trailers.


John Deere machines with JDLink™*

A built-in telematics solution gives you richer diagnostic data, no installation downtime, capitalization tax benefits as well as warranty options backed by an extensive dealer network.


For any vehicle or asset.

Being asset agnostic means we provide our customers hardware solutions for all of their needs. From cars and cranes to heavy haulers, we enable you to track and manage all of your assets in a single view.


Asset location

GPS-verified location accuracy to within metres of the equipment’s current location.

Asset alerts

Get alerts for a range of situations that need a fast response and have them sent to the right person.

Asset utilization

Report on vehicle usage over time to identify assets that are not being used effectively.

Payload metrics

Report on asset payload to help improve utilization and make sure equipment is being used to capacity.

Fuel consumption

Report on fuel used by the vehicle to help identify irregularities and uncover theft or uneconomical driving.

Engine hours

The vehicle’s total engine hours can be used to schedule routine maintenance including dealer servicing.


Monitor wasteful vehicle idling to identify opportunities to reduce the fleet’s fuel costs.


The vehicle’s total mileage data can be used to schedule routine maintenance including dealer servicing.

Time on site

Using arrival and departure times for individual vehicles, the time on site metric can be useful for customer billing.

Geofences (virtual boundaries)

Create areas on the map that you want to monitor. Get alerts or view reports showing arrivals and departures.

Maintenance schedules

Set up automated service reminders based on equipment usage (e.g. engine hours), age and type.

Diagnostic trouble codes

Report on a wide range of OEM-exclusive DTCs to monitor the vehicle’s health and troubleshoot issues.