Vehicle tracking systems can offer companies big benefits

Vehicle tracking systems can offer companies big benefits

If you're a business with company vehicles, it pays to consider the benefits of a vehicle tracking system.

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Why should you track commercial vehicles?

Why should you track commercial vehicles?

Commercial GPS tracking helps businesses manage their vehicles effectively, meet legal obligations, organize necessary maintenance and improve overall safety.

What do you need to track company vehicles?

Vehicle tracking systems have been around for many years, and the technology has advanced significantly in that time. It is now much easier for business owners to deploy a vehicle tracking system, such as Verizon Connect’s fleet tracking software.

Key requirements for vehicle tracking:

  • A vehicle (car or truck) with an OBD-II slot
  • A vehicle tracking device (to plug in to the OBD-II slot)*
  • A SIM card with a data plan (available from Verizon Wireless). The SIM card is inserted into the vehicle tracking device so it can transmit data.
  • A vehicle tracking system (to receive the data)

*Some vehicles are equipped with factory-fitted vehicle tracking devices. Learn more about OEM telematics.

Why should you track commercial vehicles?

Why should you track commercial vehicles?

How you manage the deployment of a vehicle tracking system can make a big difference in helping employees understand why tracking vehicles is a positive change for them and the business.

If you have any concerns about introducing vehicle tracking to your staff, speak with a fleet management consultant to develop a detailed plan of how, when and where vehicles will be tracked.

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What are the potential benefits of vehicle tracking?

Using a vehicle tracking system can help improve business productivity, profitability, safety and security, making it a popular choice for fleets of all sizes.

With vehicle tracking, businesses have commonly experienced:

  • Reduced unauthorized vehicle use and fuel costs
  • Better managed payroll expenses
  • Easily organized, managed and optimized route stops (jobs, deliveries, etc.)
  • Greater visibility to back-office dispatchers
  • Improved vehicle security (or recovery of stolen vehicles)
  • Automated reporting of mileage, engine hours, driving hours (ELD) or time at a job site

Because a vehicle tracking system offers more than just basic GPS location data, the full benefits may vary depending on the requirements of your business.