Optimize your fleet’s efficiency with Verizon Connect Fleet for GM.

Optimize your fleet’s efficiency with Verizon Connect Fleet for GM.

A 25% fuel saving is just the beginning

Verizon Connect Fleet for GM is a web-based fleet management solution that can be used for fleets of all sizes running a variety of makes and models. OnStar-equipped GM vehicles have the added benefit of zero hardware costs and proprietary data insights.

Log in to view near real-time and historical activity, including location, vehicle health and driver performance. Keep your fleet productive, safer and fully utilized.

Better decisions

Near real-time alerts and 24/7 vehicle monitoring help you make informed decisions. Custom rules mean you can effectively manage what’s important to your business.

Help improve uptime

Use predictive diagnostics to get early warnings about potential maintenance issues. Act sooner to avoid costly breakdowns and reduce maintenance downtime.

Safer drivers

Review driver performance to spot trends, customize training, and see progress against industry benchmarks or internal safety KPIs.

Remote services

Provide assistance to drivers out in the field. Locked out? Remote management features allow you to unlock the vehicle from anywhere. Other services include engine start, door lock, and unlock.

This platform has cut our cost dramatically... it increased our ability to get on-site quickly and efficiently.
Doug Kraus, Director of Operations, Zayo
This platform has cut our cost dramatically... it increased our ability to get on-site quickly and efficiently.
Doug Kraus
Director of Operations, Zayo

Telematics that work for your entire fleet

One of the things that our customers love about us is our ability to adapt – whatever they need we have the smarts, experience and industry partners to make it happen. When it comes to hardware we’ve made it easy - we work with the assets you’ve got but we also have OEM partners that can mean zero installation costs and no downtime.


Verizon Connect Fleet for GM can be easily activated on most Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles using the built-in OnStar hardware (MY15+).

It also suits large fleets with thousands of assets or fleets running other makes and models that want to manage everything on the same platform.


What about other vehicles and equipment in your fleet?

Verizon Connect powers fleets of all sizes, including many large fleets. We deliver game-changing telematics solutions that can give you total visibility of your entire fleet.

Fleet software that drives your bottom line

Our fleet software can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency. In fact, many fleets can experience a positive ROI. From planning through implementation, integration and training, we’re dedicated to your results, your ROI and your bottom line.

Smart dashboards and reporting tools

You can’t manage what you’re not measuring. Use our smart dashboards and fleet management reporting tools to analyze trends, and compare against industry benchmarks. What’s giving you a good return, and what isn’t? You’ll soon know where you can save, and operate a more efficient fleet.


Vehicle location

GPS-verified location accuracy to within metres of the vehicle’s current location.

Remote engine start

Improving driver comfort by starting a vehicle’s engine remotely using the web-based dashboard.

Vehicle alerts

Get alerts for a range of situations that need a fast response and have them sent to the right person.

Employee overtime

Report on vehicle location at specific jobsites to help calculate employee overtime accurately.

Asset utilization

Report on vehicle usage over time to identify assets that are not being used effectively.

Time on site

Using arrival and departure times for individual vehicles, the time on site metric can be useful for customer billing.

Oil life

Monitor the condition of vehicle oil to help optimize service scheduling, reducing waste and expense.

Fuel consumption

Report on fuel used by the vehicle to help identify irregularities and uncover theft or uneconomical driving.

Idle time

Monitor wasteful vehicle idling to identify opportunities to reduce the fleet’s fuel costs.

Tire pressure

Monitor tire pressure to detect incorrect pressure that can impact on the vehicle’s economy or handling.


The vehicle’s total mileage data can be used to schedule routine maintenance including dealer servicing.

Speeding against posted limit

Report on speeding incidents to help improve driver safety, reduce uneconomical driving and reduce fines.

Geofences (virtual boundries)

Create areas on the map that you want to monitor. Get alerts or view reports showing arrivals and departures.

Hard braking / acceleration

Monitor unsafe driving behavior to help reduce uneconomical driving or costly asset damage.

Diagnostic trouble codes

Report on a wide range of OEM-exclusive DTCs to monitor the vehicle’s health and troubleshoot issues.

Remote lock / unlock

Reduce downtime by locking or unlocking the vehicle remotely using the web-based dashboard.

Seat belt usage

Integrates with the vehicle’s seat belt monitoring system to highlight potential unsafe habits.