Ford Telematics

What is Ford Telematics™?

Ford Telematics™ powered by Telogis® is the telematics solution designed specifically for Ford commercial vehicles. Ford Telematics gives you complete visibility of fleet operations. Monitor a wide range of performance metrics including vehicle location, speed, hard braking or acceleration, excessive idling, seat belt use, oil life and engine temperature – all in real time.*

Engineered for your Ford

Ford Telematics works by using the built-in GPS hardware found in select Ford vehicles. Vehicle performance is collected in real time, then processed using a secure web-based application from Telogis that presents your fleet data visually, providing you with real-time InSight Alerts™ and actionable reports. Easily see ways to reduce your fuel, labor, and maintenance spend.

Exclusive diagnostic data

No one can tell you more about your Ford vehicle than the engineers who built it. With Ford's own telematics solution you will have access to diagnostic data that no other fleet management system can offer, helping you meet targets for fuel efficiency, driver safety, engine health and more. Using connected maintenance, you'll also be able to share that information directly with your local service center.

Smarter maintenance scheduling

Connected maintenance provides factory-recommended service schedules and connect you with your Ford service center, allowing you to share vehicle diagnostics and maintenance reports with a designated Ford service center. It will result in proactive fleet maintenance, avoiding more serious and costly breakdowns, and maximize vehicle uptime.

Essentials for fleet management

Reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and total mileage while increasing productivity, efficiency and safety. The good news is you won't be overwhelmed with a mountain of data. With flexible custom reports you'll get just the right amount of information to make the decisions that matter to your business.

* Some features only available with Ford Telematics Professional edition - contact us for more information.

The bottom line

Factory-fit telematics will maximize your uptime
and start saving you money from day one.

Decrease in fuel costs


Reduction in idle time


Drop in daily mileage


Increase in fleet utilization


Boost in workforce productivity


Reduction in overtime


Source: "Benefits After Effective Deployment of Fleet Management System" - Frost & Sullivan 2015

Calculate your ROI

ROI calculator symbol

What can Ford Telematics do for you? Using this calculator, you can estimate the potential savings for your fleet.


12% is typical with many customers Ford Telematics has seen.


8% is typical with many customers Ford Telematics has seen.


0.8 gallons per hour is spent idling for cars, according to the Argonne study “Paper No. 06-257”.


A 7-8% improvement in fuel efficiency results from a reduction in speed of 5 mph at highway speeds, according to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. City driving can see a 3-5% improvement through better driving habits.


Commercial vehicle insurance is just 40% of the total costs of vehicle accidents, according to a Congressional Joint Economic Committee study. Other costs include property damage, workers comp, health insurance, and lost productivity.


Include all benefits when calculating the worker's hourly cost.

A business may be able to claim federal fuel excise tax refunds for fuel used for PTOs, compressors and other auxiliary engines (see for current instructions and rulings). Many states also provide refunds for PTO fuel use (see the fuel tax regulations and rulings for the states in which you operate). Federal tax only applies to “yellow equipment” off road. See state fuel tax rates.


A business may be able to claim federal fuel excise tax refunds for fuel used for travel off public highways (refer to for current instructions and rulings). Many states also provide refunds for off-road travel.


Your results

Ford Telematics and Telogis solutions could save you

per month

Telematics that work for your entire fleet

Deeply integrated into Ford vehicles, Ford Telematics provides a wealth of vehicle insights, many exclusive to Ford. Ford Telematics is available on the following models:

F-150 (MY09+)

Super Duty (MY09+)





Transit (MY15+)

Transit Connect (MY10+)

E-Series (MY09+)

F-650 & F-750 (MY16+)

Interceptor Sedan (MY12+)

Interceptor Utility (MY12+)

Whatever you drive, make sure it's powered by Telogis

What about other vehicles and equipment in your fleet? Telogis powers fleets of all sizes, including many of the world’s largest. We deliver game-changing telematics solutions that can give you total visibility of your entire fleet regardless of what you drive.

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See how Ford Telematics can benefit you

Actionable Insight into your Fleet and Workforce

With Ford Telematics you’ll be able to view drivers’ work days, check vehicle health and fuel economy, and improve driver behavior

Driver Safety & Compliance Gain real-time and actionable insight into your fleet of vehicles and assets, through custom dashboards.

Driver Safety & Compliance

Time on site
Miles driven
Vehicle location
Effective utilization
Excessive speeding events
Collision indicator
Harsh acceleration
Hard braking
Seat belt use
Optional in-cab alerts
Ford Telematics Driver Behavior

Fleet Management The most reliable, scalable and comprehensive GPS fleet tracking software on the market will improve operations, asset utilization and driver safety for fleets of all sizes, as well as those with a mix of makes and models. Gain real-time and actionable insight into your fleet of vehicles and assets - on one dashboard.

Fleet Management

Command center mapping
Landmarks and GeoFences
50+ analytic reports
Real-time InSight Alerts™
Fleet overview dashboard
Fleet, driver, and team management
Search for vehicle, location, and more
Animated vehicle history
Mixed fleet support
Ford Fleet Management

Vehicle health and fuel consumption Leveraging the vehicle systems already built into your Ford vehicle, you get access to actionable reports that keep your fleet on the road and productive.

* Transit vehicles support Intelligent Oil Life Monitor, instead of Oil Life Remaining

Vehicle Health and Fuel Consumption

Fuel economy
Vehicle over-revving
Water in diesel
Engine coolant temperature
Oil life remaining*
Reverse gear usage
DEF level and quality
DPF Status
Ford Vehicle Health

Telogis is supporting law enforcement agencies with solutions designed specifically to integrate with Ford police vehicles and protect front-line personnel.

“Telogis has the potential to do for officer safety what the ballistic vest has done.”

Major Travis Yates, Co-Founder, Below 100, and Director, SafeTac Training

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