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Verizon Connect helps maximize uptime during customer migration to 4G network

Verizon Connect customer, KRP Rentals and Trucking is already seeing the benefits of its recent migration to 4G

ATLANTA - With the sunset of the 3G, or the third generation, of mobile connectivity, scheduled for Dec. 31, 2022, Verizon Connect is working hand-in-hand to support its fleet customers and provide a seamless transition as they migrate their legacy vehicle tracking units to the 4G, or fourth generation, to take advantage of everything that running devices on the award-winning Verizon 4G LTE network has to offer.

Verizon Connect customers are already finding business success with 4G-enabled vehicle tracking devices. Odessa, Texas-based KRP Rentals and Trucking, an equipment rental company in the oil and gas industry, recently upgraded their Verizon Connect Reveal units to 4G, and they’re already seeing the benefits.

“I am getting faster response times on the pinging, and we’re getting more accurate data about where our assets are,” said Kris Poole, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Director at KRP. The company frequently travels to remote locations and realized recently that they could now locate their vehicles in the Verizon Connect Reveal application, which was a benefit of the new 4G units. Accurate location data is essential for KRP because the company often needs to deploy the closest vehicle to a customer. Upgrading to 4G hardware “wasn’t difficult at all,” according to Kris, and it will ultimately help KRP continue to provide great customer service and stand out among its competitors.

“Verizon Connect is uniquely positioned to help fleet customers reduce disruption, with decades of experience in network migrations,” said Peter Mitchell, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Verizon Connect. “Verizon Connect provides what customers need for a smooth transition, from project management resources to the sheer number of people dedicated to supporting customers through this migration. We’re there to help maximize uptime and keep customers on the road.”

Evolving mobile networks promise new capabilities

With the transition to 4G LTE technology, Verizon Connect Reveal customers will benefit from a new High-Fidelity Tracking feature, which provides a three-fold increase in the frequency of real-time vehicle location updates on the Live Map, more accurately informing fleet managers about the location of their vehicles and assets.

Sunsetting 3G will allow spectrum to be allocated for Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks, bringing the potential for new capabilities for business operations and customer experiences. Transitioning to 4G LTE offers customers additional benefits, such as extended wireless network coverage, higher bandwidth and data speeds/lower latency. 

Customers who still have a 3G device are encouraged to make a change as soon as possible. You can learn more here about preparing your fleet for the 3G to 4G transition.

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