Advanced fleet tracking software

Monitor and manage your mobile workforce with ease.

Monitor and manage your mobile workforce with ease.

Increase fleet visibility

It’s hard to know what’s really happening out in the field. That can mean missed opportunities, poor productivity or unnecessary costs. We can help change that, with a full 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations.

Know what’s going on in the field so you can dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates. Our fleet tracking supports both small and large business fleets.

Access from anywhere

Super fast web-based maps, accessible from any device with an internet connection. Supervisors or drivers out in the field can see the same view a manager has back in the office.

Detailed maps

High-resolution maps with smart clustering and detail on demand provide a simple yet powerful tool to view the near real-time activity and current status of all your vehicles, workers and mobile equipment no matter where they are.

Easy-to-use dashboards

See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet. Easily review your progress towards achieving and maintaining KPIs or budgets with up-to-the-minute fleet analytics.

Solutions for productivity and utilization

The first step to improving your productivity is being able to take stock of what you have and how it’s being used. Better fleet visibility allows you to improve asset utilization, allowing you to get more done with fewer resources.

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Boost profitability by improving productivity

Help increase the amount of work your service business accomplishes each day with decision-driving data from Verizon Connect. Our software analyzes your operation to uncover what’s working – and what isn’t – so you improve routes, save on labor, utilize assets more effectively and reduce downtime.

We help you re-organize routes and add stops to cover the same ground you do today with fewer vehicles. We give you advanced tools to plan for capacity and smooth out demand volatility as well as minimize overtime.

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Fleet software that drives your bottom line

Our fleet software can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency. In fact, many fleets can experience a positive ROI. From planning through implementation, integration and training, we’re dedicated to your results, your ROI and your bottom line.

Smart dashboards and reporting tools

You can’t manage what you’re not measuring. Use our smart dashboards and fleet management reporting tools to analyze trends, and compare against industry benchmarks. What’s giving you a good return, and what isn’t? You’ll soon know where you can save, and operate a more efficient fleet.