Marketplace Transportation Management




Transportation Management System (TMS)

Promote improvement in dispatch efficiency by seamlessly integrating your transportation management system with your Verizon Connect platform.


Combine the power of transportation management software systems with your telematics system through our transportation management solutions. This category includes integrations with leading providers, such as TMW Suite and McLeod.


  • Help improve efficiency of your dispatch office.
  • Promote increased geographic visibility of drivers, tractors and trailers with current load details.
  • Accurately track how efficiently drivers are completing loads and how assets are being utilized.
  • Help save time and improve accuracy in sending jobs to drivers.
  • Help improve customer satisfaction.


  • Plan loads and routes in your existing TMS system.
  • Receive near real-time location and workflow status in your TMS for use at time of planning and customer communication.
  • Send jobs directly to driver’s mobile device upon dispatch using our modern mobile Workforce app.
  • Receive forms in the back office as driver completes a job workflow.

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