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RAM Telematics offers fleet management software that uses factory built-in hardware.

Solution type:
Required software:
Verizon Connect Fleet
Supported region:
United States, Canada
Verizon Connect


We work hand in hand with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to make sure that you can get the most out of your Ram vehicle. Our partnership will allow you to more easily take control of your fleet operations, from reducing idling time to finding how to get more jobs done in a day. Ram Telematics offers the most diagnostics available from your RAM vehicles. From staying on top of vehicle maintenance to visually seeing where you can streamline your fleet, Ram Telematics can give you a whole new point of view into your fleet. Go to https://www.verizonconnect.com/solutions/oem/ram/ for more information.


Benefits from connecting your fleet using OEM hardware include:

  • Using OEM data that is exclusive to Verizon Connect partners.
  • Enjoying a factory warranty.
  • Getting access to vehicle financing.
  • Not having aftermarket installation or downtime.
  • Over-the-air activation.


Our OEM-enhanced products and services include all the features of Fleet, plus:

  • OEM-enhanced diagnostics to help maintain vehicle health and gain insights into driver behavior.

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