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Human Resources and Payroll

Automate critical HR and payroll functions, such as employee management and timekeeping, with Verizon Connect. Help reduce your administrative burden and improve recordkeeping.

Required software:

Verizon Connect Fleet


Maintaining employee records across systems is a tedious administrative task. Even more tedious is accurately keeping track of employee hours worked. By integrating Verizon Connect with your HR or payroll system, you can reduce this administrative burden, simplify worker’s time entry and improve time keeping accuracy. Works with leading HR/Payroll systems such as ADP, Kronos, and Workday.


  • Reduce manual data entry and loss of information.
  • Promote consistent driver record retention across your HR and payroll systems and Verizon Connect.
  • Help improve accuracy and ease of capture of employee time for payroll purposes.


  • Synchronize your driver data between your HR and payroll systems and the Verizon Connect platform.
  • Integrate Hours of Service from Verizon Connect into your payroll for time-keeping purposes.

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