Marketplace CRM/ERP




Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management

Streamline business processes, boost productivity and maximize efficiency by seamlessly integrating your CRM and/or ERP system(s) with your Verizon Connect platform.

Required software:

Verizon Connect Fleet, Verizon Connect Work


Business processes are complicated and often manual due to an underlying technology landscape that is not connected, constantly changing, and increasingly complex. Connect to core systems of record and unlock data to automate business processes and optimize workflows. Easily integrate with leading CRM/ERP solutions, such as Oracle, SAP and Netsuite.


  • Promote reduction in administration overhead through integration between systems, eliminating manual processes of copy and paste or export and import.
  • Help increase productivity and simplify business processes through automation of information into both front-end and back-end systems.
  • Lesson tedious data entry and duplication.


  • Send and receive data between CRM/ERP systems and the Verizon Connect platform.
  • Automatically dispatch jobs from CRM/ERP to your drivers.
  • Receive near real-time location and job status in your CRM/ERP for use at time of planning and customer communication.
  • Invoice customers directly from CRM/ERP systems when driver completes job workflow.
  • Synchronize driver and location data between CRM/ERP and the Verizon Connect platform in batch or near real-time.

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