Drone Management Software

Complete operational support for your drone fleet.

Complete operational support for your drone fleet.

Know where it's safe to fly with drone mapping software

The Skyward Airspace Map simplifies complex aviation rules so you can fly with confidence, anywhere in the world.

Drone mapping software helps you understand the low-altitude airspace at a glance, whether you’re in the office or out in the field, so your team can avoid controlled airspace, current and upcoming temporary flight restrictions, and special flight rules areas.

The Skyward Airspace Map is sourced from official airspace regulators, updates every five minutes and allows you to use physical, street, or visual flight rules layers when planning.

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Reduce risk and improve consistency

From job planning and execution to close-out and delivery, Skyward makes sure your entire team, both employees and outside contractors, follows the same standard processes every time, with customized checklists for different operations and environments.

  • Distance and radial direction tools for improved precision
  • Maintain consistent quality, high efficiency, and maximum safety
  • Customizable checklists to finetune your workflows
  • Set up best-practice checklists, training, and maintenance procedures

Comprehensive planning & record management

No matter how large your operation grows, Skyward drone software makes it easy to maintain comprehensive records on every aspect of your operation, including job specs, flight logs, pilot credentials, and equipment maintenance.

Make it easy for your executive, legal, and regulatory teams to access all the records they need – conveniently located in one place.

  • Store flight logs, import flight data, and download reports
  • Maintain consistent records for internal and regulatory audits
  • Easily access crew member’s flight experience, documentation and credentials
  • Track aircraft location and ensure proper maintenance
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