[Webinar] "ELD mandate: How to beat the clock"


Time is just about out before the new ELD mandate deadline. During our recent webinar “ELD Mandate,” hosted by Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT), attendees were guided through some key questions and considerations by moderator and HDT Executive Editor David Cullen, who was joined by 27-year Wisconsin State Patrol vet and HNI Risk Advisor Mark Abrahamson and Safety Program Consultant Brad Penneau (Verizon Telematics), who has 30 years of safety and compliance experience. 

If the high number of registrations and questions during the Q&A session are any indication, there are plenty of questions and concerns about the rule and its implications for fleets even this late in the game. The panel answered key questions, including:

  • Do you already have an ELD… or not?
  • What about that Grandfather Clause?
  • Who in your fleet needs to be trained on ELDs?
  • Is a self-certified ELD the same as a compliant one?
  • How will you work with shippers on delays?
  • Will enforcement of the rule be delayed?

Watch our on-demand recording to hear how our panel addressed some of the top topics related to the new and far-reaching mandate. 

The observations about the ELD rules included in the webinar are informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem related to the ELD rules.

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